Rise of the Machines–Human Authors in a Digital World

Rise of the Machines – Human Authors in a Digital World

Rise of the Machines--Human Authors in a Digital World by Kristen Lamb

“In Rise of the Machines, Kristen Lamb has provided an invaluable compass for navigating the uncharted waters of 21st century publishing.
I pity the writer working today who doesn’t take advantage of the wealth of valuable insights and breakthrough methods contained in these pages.”–David Corbett, award-winning author of The Art of Character

“For writers, the purchase price of Kristen Lamb’s Rise of the Machines should easily become the best investment you’ll ever make for your writing career. In Kristen’s brilliant and easy-to-grasp book, not only will you learn how to become a successful marketer of your work—whether it’s published by a legacy press or self-published—and achieve significant and ever-increasing sales of your work, but you’ll learn how to without spending hours and hours each week to do so. Rise of the Machines is the standard—the cutting edge.
As a writer myself, I resent anything that takes time away from working on my manuscripts. Using Kristen’s ‘work smart and work efficiently’ methods, I now only have to spend about three hours a week managing my social media for sales and can now devote the maximum time I have available to… you guessed it… writing. Yay! Get this book and start earning real money.”

—Les Edgerton, award-winning author of Hooked, Finding Your Voice, and The Bitch

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