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Daily Archives: February 5, 2013

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Today, I can finally announce some very exciting news. We are holding the very first Worldwide WANACon. The Digital Age has completely altered the publishing world, and writers need to be equipped. Changes are coming faster than anyone can keep up, so we no longer have the luxury of waiting a few months or a year for a standard writing conference. With new opportunities come new challenges, and new predators.

An educated writer is a successful writer.

Which publishing option is the best for you?  How do you decide between a traditional versus a non-traditional career? Can you have both? Do you need an agent even if you are self-publishing? What do you look for in a publishing contract? What are the latest advances in e-book technology? How do you include multi-media? Who do you go to for e-book and print formatting? How can you make your book stand apart? How can your book rival the quality of the major publishing houses? How do you build an author platform and keep your sanity?

These days, there are many roads to Rome (being published). The territory is new and exciting, but equally frightening.

Why is WANACon Different?

The Conference is Global

WANA Con is an on-line writing conference powered by the latest technology. This means, no matter where you are in the world, you can attend a conference with tier one talent. A global marketplace is emerging in the Digital Age. Frequently, foreign writers have a disadvantage.

Publishing has historically been based out of NYC, thus many countries don’t have the same number of conferences, or the conferences are economically or geographically prohibitive for many writers to attend. Now, geography and money are no longer a limitation.

The Conference Experience

WANA digital classrooms are based off a system originally designed for homeschooling children, so the technology was created to be user-friendly and offer an enjoyable experience. For those folks who are technology challenged? WANACon makes it simple, and we have a team of tech support on hand should any problems arise.

Learn all you need to know about craft, social media and the industry from the comfort of home and in your pajamas (more on this later). Even pitch agents!

Our goal is to eventually hold these conferences quarterly so that you can rest assured that you’re armed with the best information and opportunities to help you succeed in a marketplace where discoverability is nothing short of a nightmare.


These days, travel is not only expensive, it’s arduous. With WANACon? No arriving an hour and a half early to leave time for TSA to do a body cavity search because you forgot your lotion was 3 ounces instead of 2.5. No stuffing everything you need to bring in two small bags because, if you check luggage it’s a) $25 (each way) b) might not arrive with you to your destination.

No hotel fees or money to eat at overpriced restaurants. No flight delays that leave you stranded. This past November alone, I racked up a whopping TWENTY-FIVE hours sitting in airports because of weather or mechanical delays.

Talk about a beating. Those of you with physical limitations or disabilities? This conference is ideal.


Regular conferences, while wonderful, have a disadvantage. Even if the conference fee is reasonable, the extra stuff adds up quickly. Gas money, flights, airport and hotel parking, rental cars, luggage fees, and hotels can make even the least expensive conference rival the price of a vacation.

Even if I am only gone a couple of days, the cost of airport parking is minimum $60. When I taught at RT in 2011, I was out almost $3000 between air fare, hotel, rental car, parking, airport parking and food. Thrillerfest 2012 was over $2,000. RWA National 2012 was almost $1000 and I was presenting. The only reason RWA National wasn’t over $2000 was because I stayed with a friend. Even local conferences can get pricey very quickly.

This is not a reason to avoid traditional conferences, but WANA is here to supplement those conferences, because with price tags like these, most of us can’t afford to do more than one or two a year and the paradigm is shifting so rapidly, you could get left behind. WANA is stepping in to help.

WANACon is There for ALL Writers

We have craft classes and agent pitches. We have industry professionals from all kids of publishing to help guide you in your career.

The Talent

This conference is simply bursting with AWESOME. You guys have no idea how many people I had to stalk  to um, talk to to get a conference schedule full of this much talent. I’d love to highlight everyone on this post, but I can’t. You can just hop over to the conference schedule.

A Sample Taste

J.E. Fishman is a former acquisitions editor for Doubleday and was the founder of his own literary agency. He’s now joined our ranks as an AUTHOR! This man of many talents will be teaching 9 Steps on the Journey to Quality.

Susan Spann is an attorney who specializes in copyright and intellectual property law. She is also a traditionally published author with St. Martin’s Press (The Shinobi Mysteries). Susan will be teaching Contracts & Copyrights: Understanding Your Publishing Deal and Law for the Lone Wolf: Tour of Publishing Law and Business.

New Your Times Best-Selling Author Allison Brennan  will be teaching how to craft legendary, memorable, frightening villains to make your fiction page-turning fabulous.

Jared Kuritz, Managing Partner of Strategies PR (one of the top PR firms and literary development agencies in the country) and Director of the La Jolla Writers Conference will be teaching Publishing 101: Understanding Your Publishing Options and Platform Building and Book Marketing.

Also, WANA is all about MORE. We have…

Not ONE, but TWO Keynote Speakers

DAY ONE—Best-Selling Author Candace Havens. Her bio is so impressive, I recommend just clicking the link. Candy is one of the most generous, talented people in the world of publishing and she will change your life. LITERALLY. Candy is presenting a talk called Dream Big. I promise after you listen to Candy, you will feel like you can fly.

***But, don’t try to. If you jump off a building WANA cannot be held liable. You really can’t fly, but your writing career CAN.

DAY TWO—New York Times Best-Selling/USA Today Best-Selling Author Shirley Jump is presenting our second keynote presentation Using Rejection to Fuel Writing Success. Again, this gal’s bio is SO impressive, I recommend you just go to her site. Shirley is an amazing person, gifted author and one of the best instructors in the business.

Check out our full conference schedule.

WANACon Slices! It Dices! All This and STILL MORE!

Not only will you have TWO days of some of the best instructors in the industry, but you can also attend an agent pitch as well. Yes, you can get an AGENT at WANACon.

WANA Socialize? Of Course You Do!

No conference is complete without parties. WANACon will have THREE social events. The first is the Thursday before the conference officially begins from 8 p.m. EST to 10 p.m. EST. This  first social event is to help meet fellow attendees and instructors, but mainly to give you a taste of what our digital classrooms will be like and to head off any problems that might arise, before the conference.

WANA is dedicated to making this a fabulous experience. Attend classes, learn, pitch, be inspired, then make new friends…all FROM HOME.

Surprise Pajama Sunday

Worldwide WANACon runs from Thursday, February 21 to Sunday February 24. The conference itself is Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd, but WANA has added Surprise Pajama Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST. I will be presenting Rise of the Machines; Human Authors in a Digital World. And there are other goodies too, but can’t tell you yet or um, it isn’t a SURPRISE.

SPS is a not only a bonus for attendees, but it’s also a chance to win a year’s worth of WANA International classes (up to Gold Level) for only $10 a class. Take as many classes as you want for $10 a piece (the $10 pays for the admin and technology). And, you are encouraged to attend in PJs. More on this on another post.


Again, here is where you can view the full conference schedule.

Sign up for BOTH DAYS of WANACon for a mere $125 (this includes ALL the parties and Surprise Pajama Sunday). Register HERE.

If you can only do one day? No problem! Registration is $75. Register HERE for DAY ONE or HERE for DAY TWO.

Ready to get an agent? Sign up for Agent Pitch Sessions HERE.

As WANA Mama I have gone out of my way to provide writers with all the tools for success.

A Place to Learn

This blog and WANA International.

A Place to Connect

Connect, network and make lifelong friendships at WANATribe. There is also #MyWANA on Twitter and the We Are Not Alone Facebook Page.

A Place That’s Safe

Need images you can use without fear of being sued? Choose from almost seven thousand beautiful images at WANA Commons.


A Place to GROW

The final touch to prepare you for your magnificent writing future? Worldwide WANACon!

WANA stands for WE ARE NOT ALONE and we are committed to preparing writers for the new publishing paradigm. Come learn, laugh and enjoy the WANA love. This conference is easy, affordable and convenient, but seats are limited so sign up today.

I so look forward to seeing you!