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Blog Hijack Part Deux – WANA Goings On

By Jay Donovan
Yes, it’s me again, Kristen’s Tech Guy. Kristen has family issues hitting her hard and has been nursing a loved one back to health. We’ll have to wait for a future blog post to learn if Nurse Kristen is more Florence Nightingale or Nurse Ratchet.


In her seeming desperation, she handed me the keys to her blog. Again…

You’d have thought she’d have learned after I hijacked her site last time. Then again, knowing Kristen, she’s aware that I ‘sampled’ a couple glasses of wine while TechGirl and I made lasagna. Kristen’s call for help at an ungodly late hour is most likely a ploy Sun Tzu would be proud of.

Regardless, challenge accepted!

Actually, this is a fantastic chance to catch everyone up on the goings on in WANAville.


First off, thanks to everyone who joined us for the October WANACon Writers Conference. We appreciate your trust in us and hope you had as good a time as we did. For those who couldn’t join us, the session recordings are available for On Demand viewing here.

The next WANACon will be Friday February 21st and Saturday February 22nd, (hopefully) far enough from the chaos of the holidays that a conference track on what to do next with your NaNoWriMo creation makes sense, and close enough to Valentine’s Day for one on writing romance.

Keep up with all the details by visiting WANACon.com or joining our mailing list.

WANA Classes are going On Demand
We’ve heard you. And finally the technology allows us to bring you an “On Demand” class experience that is good enough to receive the WANA… ->

We’re not moving away from live classes, but with busy WANAs all over the globe, we’re structuring classes to be more flexible for those who can’t attend live.

We’ll be adding dozens of classes by amazing instructors over the next few months. Click for our Current Class List or to join our mailing list.

And a shameless plug…


Book Tours in Your PJs

On Friday, my company, TechSurgeons is adding an new Author ServiceVirtual Book Tours. They’ll use the same tech WANA uses for WANACon and live classes. At an introductory price of $50, you can rent a virtual room for 6 hours for you and up to 10 others at a time.  You’ll be able talk to your readers, share web cams, instant message with the shy ones, display PDFs of sample chapters, extras, and ‘out takes’ or whatever creative ideas you have. Contact me for more details.

WTRemember WANATribe, -the- private social media site by authors for authors.

We have Tribes for all genres and interests. And if you don’t see the one you want, you can create it. Joining and using WANATribe is free.

As a thank you prize for reading putting up with my post, here’s a video of (I believe) George Clooney and Brad Pitt dueling with a flamethrower and fire extinguisher.  Inside sources claimed this was filmed just before they went to their respective makeup artists.

Okay, that was mean. Here’s an amazingly cool video of the Ohio State band performing their “Hollywood Blockbuster” Show.

Geek in His (un)Natural Habitat
Geek in His (un)Natural Habitat

Jay Donovan is the official WANA Tech Guy and takes care of all WANA’s technology needs. He’s writing an “Expansion Pack” on the proper use of pen names to supplement Kristen’s “Rise of the Machines” and should be working on it instead of hijacking blogs and talking about himself in third person, but where’s the fun in that?

Jay’s company TechSurgeons LLC provides the geeky magic for WANACon and  WANA classes. TechSurgeons also hosts the WANAIntl.com & authorkristenlamb.com websites. He’d love to be your tech guy too.

Find him on Twitter at @jaytechdad or on Facebook

30 thoughts on “Blog Hijack Part Deux – WANA Goings On”

  1. stuart sheldonstuart sheldon

    Jay is Da Man. I use him for my tech needs and you should too!

  2. Jeanette VaughanJeanette Vaughan

    Hi, Kristen: I sent you the guest blog post you wanted on #BoomerLit feel free to use it during this time. Let me know!

  3. Gry RanfeltGry Ranfelt

    That’s horrible about Kristen’s loved one! My hopes of things getting better go to her! 🙁 It’s great to see you stepping up for her, Jay!

  4. Gloria Richard AuthorGloria Richard Author

    WOWZA! All this myWANA linky-love.

    This goes into my Nifty News folder.

    I checked classes to see if you have anything on Scrivener. Nada! Erk! I’m in a poop-de-loop on that software. I know it would help “first draft” faster, yet I fear learning it would take too much time. I have words — many words — to churn before the Golden Heart entry deadline.

    On the Here’s-Your-Sign front…

    I could have written that last bit (verbatim) 30 and 60 days ago. Yes. That’s how long I’ve been poop-de-looping with the non-solution.

    Pinging good vibes for Kristen. Hope all turns out well.

  5. Stacey WilkStacey Wilk

    I love marching bands! Ohio State was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Diana BeebeDiana Beebe

    I love all the new services and class options! Thanks, Jay!

    Also, what Stuart said. 🙂

  7. bwcareybwcarey

    the tribe of scribes, i hope to get into the site, but it’s great to be encouraged, thanks

  8. Lanette KautenLanette Kauten

    I hope everyone’s back to health soon and Kristen retains her sanity.

  9. sharonhughsonsharonhughson

    We love your plucky comedic renderings, Jay, but we miss Kristen. She’s fortunate to have such fantastic friends to step into the gap and keep all of her blog-mongers (like me) feeling slightly sated.
    Now, if NaNoWriMo would get here already. My fingers are itching to start that story!

  10. laurimeyerslaurimeyers

    Go Bucks! The Ohio State Marching Band (or TBDBITL as we call them) is amazing. I was glad to see this post, because the posts following your last hijacking made it sound like you were canned 🙁

  11. Melissa LewickiMelissa Lewicki

    Thanks. This is a great resource list.
    Re: the flame thrower and fire extinguisher–did that remind anyone of Harry and Voldemort’s duel in the graveyard????

  12. saralitchfieldsaralitchfield

    Lots of love to Kristen, really hope things get better… I just read the post the last time you hijacked the blog Jay, *loved* it. Your wizardy powers amaze me – it’s lucky you’re on the light side of the force (mostly… *manical laugh….)

  13. Jami GoldJami Gold

    I hope things get better for Kristen and her family. 🙁

    But I’m glad to know that Jay (AKA the most awesome tech guy–ever!) is holding down the fort. 🙂

  14. WiddershinsWiddershins

    You know, Florence Nightingale was a lot more like Nurse Rachet than people give her credit for!

    Good on you WonderTech-Guy for stepping up to the plate.

    Hope all is well (figuratively and literally) in the Lamb-world real soon.

  15. Raani YorkRaani York

    I hope very much Kristen and her family will be all right soon, and tell her I’m thinking about her! She’s such a great person and I wish her and her loved ones well!
    thanks for the update!

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