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Writers, Why It's Time to Renew Your Love Affair with Pinterest

Writers, these days, know all too well that social media and creating a thriving platform are a critical part of our job description. There are so many social media sites and all writers want to know, “Which one is the best?” I don’t know if I can answer that question because writers are unique people …

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Branding & Attention: Busy Brains in a Busy World

Branding, at least for authors, is a relatively new concept. Selling books was SO much ‘easier’ before the digital age, when life ran at a comparable snail-hooked-on-Valium pace. Or it at least seems that way.

Branding & The Brain: How Social Media Changes but People Never Will

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Branding is very different in the digital age, namely because we are incessantly bombarded with ads and marketing. We’re ‘pitched to’ more than any other time in human history. That’s why our overloaded brains have developed clever shortcuts. Most ads we literally NEVER SEE. How can we change this? How can writers cultivate an audience in a world where people are ‘marketing blind’? The answer is simpler than one might think.

ON DEMAND Social Schizophrenia: Building a Brand WITHOUT Losing Your Mind

CLASS TITLE: ON DEMAND Social Schizophrenia: Building a Brand WITHOUT Losing Your Mind INSTRUCTOR: Kristen Lamb General Admission: $50.00 USD Standard LOCATION: From YOUR Computer CLASS DESCRIPTION: In the digital age, it is impossible to sell books—or anything—without first creating and establishing a brand. But there are so many voices, conflicting opinions, and everything seems …

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Drudgery: What Separates Those Who Dream From Those Who DO

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Drudgery—enduring the tired, tedious and unremarkable chores—is what makes the difference between those who dream and those who do. Why am I talking about this? Because recently I saw some quote scroll past on social media. It was something (of course) posted by one of those super happy ‘life coach’ people. Though I’m certain the …

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