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Structure Matters: Building Great Stories to Endure the Ages

Yesterday we talked about great stories and why the world craves them and needs more of them. It’s easy to assert the world needs more great stories, but how do we go about writing them? Glad you asked. Great stories that endure for generations are not the result of whim, accident or even a lot …

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Romance & Building a Better Shifter – Part 1: The Nature of the Beast

Today I have a guest post from my lovely, yet ruthless editor Cait Reynolds and she is here to talk about an important topic, particularly for those in the romance genre. Yes, I am an expert at a lot of things, but shifters? I am deferring to Cait. She is hard, brutal, but really excellent …

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Adding Depth to Your Fiction—Body Language 101

Today regular guest writer Alex Limberg is back with a post that will make any of your dialogue scenes sound so much smoother. His piece is about body language. Raise your eyebrows and drop your chin in delight, because Alex is about to help you get under your readers’ skin with your dialogue. Also, you …

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How to Make Boring Story Parts Exciting

Your scene before and your scene after are sweat-inducing, ear-wringing, eye-popping pieces that keep your audience glued to the page. But this little scene in between…well, there is just absolutely nothing happening. It’s dull. Sleep-inducing. It would make a dog with rabies put on his pyjamas.

Deep P.O.V. Part Two—Crawling Inside Your Characters

Yes, there are style changes we can make, like removing as many tags as we can and ditching sensing and thinking words. But deep POV is strongly tethered to characterization. Good characterization.