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Cover Copy…or the Dreaded Blurb

The blurb. They are the hardest 150 words to write. They’re the words that have to entice. They have to sell. And, most people would rather clean the toilet with a toothbrush than sit down to write them.

Luckily, there are people like me who both enjoy writing blurbs and are good at it. Really good at it. *gets cramp from patting self on the back*

If you don’t believe me, here’s what my clients have to say:

“I love Cait Reynolds’ blurbs. Every time she sends me a new one, I’m delighted. They’re funny, when they need to be, poignant when it matters, and best of all, they yield sales of my books. You won’t be disappointed!” New York Times Bestselling Author Calinda B

“One of the hardest things to put on paper is not the prose, not the outline, but the book blurb. As an author, I struggle to come up with two-three paragraphs that will sell my story. How do I do this? I just wrote 60k words! How do I put this into 150 words? After multiple attempts that never sounded good, no matter WHAT I did, I found Cait Reynolds! Cait took my story and created the most amazing book blurb I could have ever asked for. She took the characters and made them matter to the reader. She’ll pull you in and MAKE you WANT to read the story! From my personal experience, you need Cait in your life for the blurb writing. Save yourself the time, the mental anguish, and hire her to do it for you. You will NOT be disappointed!” USA Today Bestselling Author Julie Morgan

Whether it’s epic fantasy, erotica, historical, YA, or even memoir, I will capture the tone, the gist, and the thrill of what your book has to offer.

And, at $50 a pop, it’s a bargain…unless you really prefer cleaning toilets…

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