Introduction to Podcasting


Class Title: Introduction to Podcasting

Instructor: Cait Reynolds

Price: $99 USD Standard (Use Code New20 for $20 OFF if REGISTERED BY JANUARY 14th)

Where: Bad Lamb Academy Virtual Classroom/Portal Page (Big Blue Button)

When: FRIDAY, JANUARY 21st, 2022, 7:00-9:30 EST (NYC TIME!)





About the Class:

The good news is that, in the digital world, audiences are consuming content at a mind-boggling rate and are always searching for something new to love. What’s even better news? They’re demanding content on a variety of mediums, and audio content is bigger than ever before.

Sure, this means audio books are a good idea. But, thanks in large part to the pandemic *rolls eyes* form of entertainment that has truly exploded is the podcast

If video killed the radio star, then it seems the radio star has been born anew from the ashes. What was old is now new again. Audiences love audio content, podcasts in particular, because they can listen during a commute, while driving, or while doing all the things that come with ‘adulting’ in the modern world.

Unlike an audiobook, it’s far easier to launch a podcast and create plenty of content at a much faster pace. Whether you want to check out podcasting to build an author brand or as another avenue for your creativity, this class is for you.

Introduction to Podcasting is the 20,000 foot view to answer some key questions. 

What IS a podcast?

Is it safe around children, small pets, and those terrified of technology?

Why would anyone want to start a podcast?

Are podcasts gluten-free?

Is it possible to make money?

What can a podcast do for your brand?

All silliness aside, in this 2.5 hour class, USA Today Best-Selling Author and seasoned podcaster Cait Reynolds, will do a broad overview of such topics as:

  • What is podcasting?
  • Overview of the podcasting industry structure and terminology
  • What is the benefit of podcasting for authors?
  • How much work/upfront costs are involved in podcasting?
  • Intro to necessary audio dood-dads and cordless thingies
  • You wanna podcast...but about what?
  • How to get a guest spot on a podcast
  • General overview of how to monetize a podcast
  • The future of podcasting
  • And more...


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About the Instructor

Cait Reynolds is a USA Today Bestselling Author and lives in Long Beach, California with her very patient husband, a cranky old rescue mutt named Horseradish, and two insane Basenji puppies, one of whom is close to taking over North Korea, and one with existential despair.

She likes history, astronomy, Jack Daniels, jewelry, pasta, and solitude. Not all at the same time. She has worked hard to develop a good relationship with the NSA agents in the van outside her house. They now understand that her Google searches and Amazon wish list are purely for research purposes.

Cait is also the co-host of the ‘divinely funny’ podcast, Drunk Mythology Gals, which severely limits which of her book characters she will be hanging with in the afterlife.

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