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Speaking and Consultation

  • Currently accepting bookings for the next 24 months for both domestic and international conferences and events. I also offer content editing and developmental editing, brand/social media consulting, one-on-one plot consulting and long-term affordable book coaching (on a selective basis). ***DISCLAIMER: Please note that I strive for all my edits to meet the highest professional standards. My goal is to make YOUR work, your skills, and your writing the best it can possibly be. As a professional partner, my job is to be honest about the work. While I do strive to always be kind, my job is to help my clients reach their optimal potential and continue to grow and evolve as artists. Authors are in one of the most competitive markets in existence. My job is to tell the hard truth so we can do the work. We repair in private so you can shine in public. Rejection letters are not going to explain in detail what is wrong and why you're work is being rejected. This can leave a writer mystified, spending years possibly "fixing" elements that are perfectly wonderful while ignoring areas that are critically flawed. I am always a client's ally and friend. My goal is for my clients to WIN. I work hard for the experience to be fun as well as productive. This said, I believe an ethical partner is willing to possibly hurt feelings in private to protect a client from abusive reviewers on-line. I'm being transparent about my methods and how I edit and coach because my goal is for any writer to find the right ally. For those who desire editing and consultation, I will always offer a sample to see if we are a good fit.
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