Bad Lamb Academy Portal


  • We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, or in a pinch Firefox, which plays nicest with HTML5.
  • If you have trouble logging in, first try switching browsers and usually that clears up the problem.
  • If the sound or video quality isn’t as good as you’d like it, this usually has to do with your Internet speed.
  • The recording, itself, isn’t affected since Bad Lamb Academy uses the fastest Internet available. Thus, if your video is lagging or audio gets wonky, that likely has to do with your Internet speed. Sadly, the NSA won’t let us take over the Internet. We can’t fix your Internet speed, but we CAN make sure you receive an amazing recording. This is one of many reasons why we include the recording FREE in your purchase.
  • Remember that, if you go to a public place to connect to wi-fi, it will very likely slow down your Internet connection and could interfere with quality.
  • Remember if you live in a rural area, Internet speed can be impacted as well.
  • Sometimes other devices such as smart phones or tablets can access our classed (especially newer devices), but not always.
  • Please attend class on a laptop or desktop computer. We can’t be liable for a class not working on a phone or tablet.
  • Smart device use is relatively new feature, and has only been tested on IOS 12.2 and above, and Android 6.0 and above. Please use WiFi. If the class DOES actually work on your smart device, but then the feed hangs during class, please refresh. This will log you out then in. This happens almost immediately so you shouldn’t miss more than a few seconds or couple minutes.
  • If at any time the presenter’s video looks like Doppler radar or is garbled, you can simply click refresh and that should clear it up. If this persists, again this is an Internet speed issue and the recording will be clean.
  • ALWAYS have a lot of FUN!