Perspective: POV Can Revive or Ruin a Story

Perspective is one of those techniques that doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Simply changing WHO is telling the story can change everything.

Imposter Syndrome: Am I a REAL Writer?

Imposter syndrome is a feeling very common to many creative professionals. Ironically, feeling like a fraud strikes even high-achievers.

Why is “Suddenly” Everyone on the Spectrum?

Why does it seem like suddenly everyone is on the spectrum? Everyone is ADD, ADHD, autistic? They aren’t. We just need a fresh perspective.

The Johari Window & Character Blind Spots

The Johari Window can be one of many powerful tools for crafting dimensional characters and layered stories that feel incredibly REAL.

Writing Lessons from “A Christmas Carol”

“A Christmas Carol” virtually synonymous with “Christmas,” but why is it such a powerful story that never seems to ever get old?