Bad Decisions: The Crucible of Great Stories

Bad decisions make the best stories. Fiction is about decent people—who mean well—doing selfish, foolish or downright dumb things.

Perspective: POV Can Revive or Ruin a Story

Perspective is one of those techniques that doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Simply changing WHO is telling the story can change everything.

Imposter Syndrome: Am I a REAL Writer?

Imposter syndrome is a feeling very common to many creative professionals. Ironically, feeling like a fraud strikes even high-achievers.

Why is “Suddenly” Everyone on the Spectrum?

Why does it seem like suddenly everyone is on the spectrum? Everyone is ADD, ADHD, autistic? They aren’t. We just need a fresh perspective.

The Johari Window & Character Blind Spots

The Johari Window can be one of many powerful tools for crafting dimensional characters and layered stories that feel incredibly REAL.