SUMMER SALE: Plot Boss—Writing Books Readers Want to BUY! (ON DEMAND)

Plot Boss—Writing Books Readers Want to BUY!

Instructor: Kristen Lamb
Regular Price: $55.00 USD Standard
SALE PRICE: $35.00 USD Standard
Where: On Your COMPUTER
When: Any time you like! ON DEMAND (available for purchase until July 17th)

Tired of starting book after book only to lose steam and unable to finish?

Do you finish, but your books keep getting rejected or they don’t sell?

Do you finish, but it takes an ungodly amount of time?

Sure, great you land an agent for your book, but you don’t have FIVE YEARS to write the next one!

This class is here to help. The writers who are making an excellent income are not doing it off ONE book, rather they are harnessing the power of compounded sales. This class is designed to help you learn to plot leaner, meaner, faster and cleaner (even for PANTSERS!)

Learn the basic elements of plot, various plotting techniques, how to test your seed idea to see if it is even strong enough to be a novel and MORE!