Join this Class or the Pixies WIN

Holy Moly! Yes, folks. We are officially closing in on Christmas and the beginning of a New Year. If you guys are anything like me, about half your 2011 resolutions were forgotten two and a half weeks in when you were so hungry you contemplated holding up your local Cinnabon with a shotgun.

I might not be able to help you keep your resolution to lose weight, but I CAN help you reach the goal of creating a successful author blog with the power to SELL BOOKS.

Today I am going to explain why you need my Blogging to Build Your Author Brand Class. Tell your family you want this for Christmas. Two months of class for only $40!!!! In the comfort of your own home!!! You can even wear that dreadful Snuggie you will almost certainly get as a White Elephant gift.

My class will teach you about author branding and how to blog in ways that leave you time to go to the gym watch all the Firefly reruns. But, if I haven’t convinced you to sign up for your own good, then how about this?

Sign up or the Pixies win.

Pixies? Yes, Pixies.

Every day is a challenge for us to manage time, to learn to say no, and to focus. We do best learning ways to get the most output for the minimal time input. *cough* Which is why you need my class. That and January 15th is when the Procrastination Pixies hatch and come to feed….on your dreams.

Oh, I’ll start a blog on Monday after I clean up the tinsel the cat puked all over the guest room.

One of the most common Procrastination Pixies falls under the genus species name, Activia Pixius Busyworkus. This pixie masquerades itself as a really great use of time, but, in reality, is a total time-suck that can have you scrapbooking by lunch.

What does an Activia Pixius look like? The genus includes, but is not limited to, thank you notes three months after Christmas, watching old home movies, organizing baby pictures, and quality time with the Thigh Master you bought in 1994.

Basically any chore that made you groan and roll your eyes until it came time to sit and write is guaranteed to be an Activius Pixius. You make a vow to start blogging regularly, and suddenly that junk drawer that hasn’t bothered you for the past six months is calling out to you like a siren.

Give in to the Pixies and sure, guests can eat off your floors, but sadly, shiny floors do not impress agents. I know, I asked the one locked in my closet—ha ha ha ha! Kidding. My closets are way too cluttered to fit an agent!

Organized cabinets do not sell books. They might make more room for all the books left unsold, but that’s about it. Clean floors don’t sell books. Organized dressers do not sell books. Heck, traditional marketing won’t even sell books. What will sell books? AN AWESOME-SAUCE BLOG!

Just because we are literate and can string together nouns and verbs in a coherent fashion doesn’t mean we know anything about what makes a successful blog that connects to tens of thousands. Just because we recognize a box of Tide or a Xerox machine doesn’t mean we comprehend author branding.

Yes, I made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Better than that, I have a track record of proven success to back up what I teach. Not only have I put both my books at the top of the best-selling list, but WANA methods have helped other authors rise from total obscurity to become best-sellers as well (and land some pretty fat six-figure publishing deals).

It is one thing for me to tell you guys that you need to a create a successful author blog. It is an entirely different thing to SHOW you how to build one.

When it comes to blogging, you might be thinking:

What do I say? I’m not an expert. Who cares what I have to say? How do I keep fresh and interesting content? How can I do more with my blog than just journal or talk about writing? How can my blog connect with readers?

How can I afford alcohol, candy and new shoes with this new budget?

ACK!!! See! Procrastination Pixie! *hits with a fly swatter*

Where was I?

Knowledge is power. Now, let me ask you some questions:

How educated are you about social media as it applies to authors? How much is this lack of knowledge hurting you and your platform? How much time is it wasting in being unproductive? What are going to be the long-term effects of building a platform on a faulty foundation?

How much time will a little bit of good education save you? How much more time will you have to work on your next novel? How much more time will you have left over to stop drinking and clean out the garage?

Maybe not on the same day, but you get the point.

How much more success will you have because you took time to learn from the successful?

You guys don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

There is A LOT of misinformation about what constitutes an author brand. Many social media experts don’t understand that writers are different. Yes, we really are special unique snowflakes. Author brands are highly unique and complex. What works for Starbucks doesn’t work for writers and for selling books. Go here if you want to know why traditional marketing doesn’t sell books.

I am a writer first. The brand I will help you create will be with you for a lifetime, will grow as you and your career grows. Blogs need to define our brand, not hold us hostage. Not all blog content will work well for growing your brand. Good content and a solid brand are key to working smarter, not harder.

Order now and shipping and handling is FREE!!!!

The self-made man is a myth. No one is successful alone. If we try to do social media all by ourselves by blitzing out spam and form-letters and collecting neat e-mail lists, we are more likely to wear out and give up than to succeed.


The key to being successful on social media is to learn to work as a team and create community. Our team will keep us focused and the Pixies at bay.

I didn’t become successful alone. I had help. More help than I deserved. Now I am here to teach you guys how to create a community vested in your success. We need to learn how to connect to influential people. We need to connect to more than just other writers.

Don’t let the Pixies steal another year. Stand your ground and choose success. Sign up as soon as possible! There are only 100 slots and last time the workshop sold out. Currently over a third of the slots are already filled so time is running out!!!!

If you have taken my workshop, take a moment and share what you learned and how the workshop helped you, transformed you, or revealed six-pack abs you didn’t even know you had. What are your thought? Fears? Cool recipes for rum balls? I dig hearing from you.

And to prove it and show my love, for the month of December, everyone who leaves a comment I will put your name in a hat. If you comment and link back to my blog on your blog, you get your name in the hat twice. If you leave a comment, and link back to my blog, and mention my book We Are Not Alone in your blog…you get your name in the hat THREE times. What do you win? The unvarnished truth from yours truly.

I will pick a winner every week for a critique of your first five pages. At the end of December I will pick a winner for the grand prize. A free critique from me on the first 15 pages of your novel. Good luck!

I also hope you pick up copies of my best-selling books We Are Not Alone–The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer . Both books are ON SALE for $4.99!!!! And both are recommended by the hottest agents and biggest authors in th biz. My methods teach you how to make building your author platform FUN. Build a platform and still have time left to write great books!


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  1. I so want to sign up to some of your classes, but sadly my funds are less than zero. You blog has helped me no end however so for that I would like to say thank you. Hopefully the New Year will bring chances and challenges for us all.

    p.s. sorry about the first comment. Writing with a fidgeting toddler on your lap is not something I would recomment. 🙂 )

  2. Please tell me you aren’t dumping #WWBC. Bloggie is chugging along! But I want to finish my book.

    That said, anyone interested in learning about blogging should take your class. I’m going to try to send my student @frankyjebb your way. He wants to start blogging! Cool, eh?

    1. No worries, I will resume WWBC after the holidays :D.

  3. This is one of the three best online classes I’ve taken. Wait, I can’t remember the other two–but yours will keep producing for me for a long time. Thank you, Kristen.

    • lwsapir on December 14, 2011 at 11:57 am
    • Reply

    Signed up. Can’t wait! New Year’s Resolution: Avoid Pixies.

  4. I was part of the most recent class #WANA1011. I thought that at first this meant none of us would really benefit. It just sounded like too many. But I was wrong. What happened was I got to know some amazing people, support their blogs (brand new or just renewed), and know that they had my back as I launched the blog on my website.

    I’d pseudo-launched multiple times in 2011. (Meaning I said I was going to and then never did.) The problem was I had no idea what to write about and how to make it sustainable for me. I already took part in a group writing blog with my co-writer and that was great, but it meant writing about writing was out because I already wrote about writing there. Plus, to be honest, I was getting burned out just writing about writing all the time. Worse, my brother and sister-in-law run a successful social media and website company for small businesses. And they were giving me all kinds of advice that sounded great for businesses (and would work for businesses), but my gut told me it wouldn’t work for a writer.

    So I signed up for Kristen’s class, even though money is extremely tight for my husband and I right now, and even though I’d already read both her books. It was worth it. I’m brimming with ideas and excitement. My baby blog is getting almost as many hits at one month old as my established group writing blog has at over a year. It’s all thanks to Kristen’s sound advice and the amazing, supportive WANA1011 group of writers.

    Don’t let the pixies win!

    1. Oops, I meant to say that we also had 100 people, and it sounded like too many. Where did I leave that coffee pot . . .

  5. Having just completed the most recent class, I have to say it is SO WORTH IT!! If you’re on the fence, just sign up. You’ll be so glad you did!

    1. I was in the March 2011 class and it was AMAZING, worth it, one of the best things I did EVER….It’s the people you meet *and* the blogs you all make together. 🙂

  6. At our house, we try new things all the time. Some work out great. Some, er, not so much. The question we always ask after a new recipe, experience, trip, whatever is this: Would we do this again? Applying that test to Kristen’s class, I gotta say: In a Hot’lanta nanosecond!!! In fact, I was thinking about taking it again right this minute. Why? Well, reinforcement is a great thing. And I’d get to meet all you new-WANAs, too! Wouldn’t that be cool?? Hmmmmm….now where did I put my checkbook? Maybe it’s hiding here in this junk drawer……

  7. Like Marcy, I’m one of the classmates from the most recent class (wana1011) and honestly feel that my writing career will benefit from this class. I’ve launched a blog, I’ve met the most amazing people who I know will support me in my journey, I can’t wait to support them too, and I honestly feel there is no reason NOT to take this class. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  8. Those poor Pixies, they don’t stand a chance with Kristen around!

    Take Kristen’s blogging class! You’ll be so happy you did. Alexlaybourne ~ if you can get someone to give it to you for Christmas, it will be the best gift you’ve ever received. Not only do you learn how to blog the right stuff for YOU, you’ll learn all about Twitter and how to get a network of fun peeps who want to help you with your blog.

    Kristen’s blogging class literally changed my writing career. I went from sitting at home, alone, ever day and writing, writing, editing, writing, to doing pretty much that, but with friends all over the globe who are actually interested in what I’m writing. My blogs are sometimes fun, sometimes sad, sometimes WTF?, but they are always a joy to write. A year ago, my blog sat empty and unloved, now it gets hits every day and I’m feeling the love.

    From what I’ve seen of the WANA1011 class (I’m a graduate of WANA711), they are just as supportive and friendly to everyone as we were. You make such amazing connections through this class and have a built-in fan base.

    I’ve been telling all my writer friends to take this class even if they don’t think they need a blog, they need the information Kristen offers and for $40 it almost feels like stealing.

    Best. Class. Ever.

  9. With this class I’ve made cyber friends I never would have otherwise found. Kristen’s lessons are super, and the group spirit is wonderful. My techie skills are sad, but with the help of WANA1011 friends I managed to set up a WP blog. I have just begun to brave the blogging waters, and it is not quite as terrifying with some WANA teammates around for support.

  10. Great class, I really enjoyed it. And $40 is a fantastic deal for everything we got, including personal attention. Thanks Kristen and everyone in the class!

  11. folks, you really should take this class. The real benefit is in the people you connect with, all Kristen’s great advice is just the icing on the cake. $40 bucks and time well spent. Quite tempted to do it again. 🙂

  12. WANA1011 was a blast! My favorite perk: the network of supportive, hilarious and talented friends we’ve gained. I learned that blogging is about sharing, giving and gaining supporting and having fun. It’s so true: “We are not alone.”

    Thanks, Kristen, for all you do to make the blogosphere and whole writing world a better place!

  13. You convinced me. I’m in! “See” you in January 🙂

  14. I’m a proud WANA711 graduate. I can say that taking Kristen’s class was by far the best money I have spent on my career. By far. And $40 is seriously a steal.
    What did the class do for me?
    Well, first off, I self published a book in May. By June, I had sold maybe 8 copies to family. In July I took her class, in August I started blogging. I already had a nice website, but it was static and getting very few, okay, no, hits. By the time I started blogging, I had sold 32 books.
    I’ve been blogging effortlessly since then. Over Thanksgiving weekend, my book was ranked #818 for all Kindle books. (Like out of over a million) It was ranked #62 in the top 100 for my category Contemporary Romance. And I should point out that my book is priced at $9.99. I’m not giving it away for 99cents or $2.99 like many self published authors are.
    I also made great friends in the class. In the class, you will go on a journey together. You will start out wondering what the hell you’re doing. Then you will wonder why you’re doing it. Then the light bulbs start going off. You get it. Kristen and your classmates help you. And then you join the WANA community and feel like you’re part of something bigger. Kristen’s class gave me confidence as an author. Confidence in the platform I am creating. It’s well worth $40. In fact, like the MasterCard commercials say, I’m pretty sure it’s priceless.

    1. Awwww…I always love hearing your testimonial *hugs*

  15. This might be a silly question but I’ve never done online stuff before. Is this something you do at your own leisure or is there set time, dates, etc?

    1. The lessons will be posted on a Yahoo Loop and you do the lessons at your own pace. Since the class is two months–one month for lessons and one month for launch–you should have plenty of time.

      1. Thanks Kristen!! I’m totally in! 😀

  16. If you haven’t taken Kristen’s Blogging class, you’re missing out on FUN, SUPPORTIVE, HELPFUL advice! The ideas were great and it gives you a combo of blogging and TECH advice! yay! Because not only does Kristen organize and teach it, but you guys get to share what you’re good at with each other too.

    And Kristen’s idea about making it a Christmas gift idea is awesome! I also recommend supporting your favorite bloggers by adding their books to your Xmas wishlist. That’s how I’m going to get the newest titles from Jody Hedlund, Margaret Reyes Dempsey and Mark Petruska. Woohoo! Reading and helping out my buds.

  17. You had me from Firefly. 😉 Your class sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

  18. I’d sign up like a shot, but January is crazy for me with Month of Poetry, 12 x 12 Picture books and family from UK visiting. Please tell me you’ll do it again, Kristen. Sorry!

    1. This is going to be like doing two blogfests at once, but I really don’t want to miss out, so let’s do this! I’m in 🙂

  19. Loved. This. Class.

    Kristen is a great teacher, and really knows her stuff. In addition to that, you’ll be surrounded by bunches of classmates who are kind, fun, talented, and supportive. It’s amazing to me how quickly so many of us bonded. Not to mention, my blog, which previously was a laughable attempt at…something (not sure what), is developing into something that I can feel proud of (and my number of hits, comment interaction, and RT-ing blog love is increasing in very noticeable numbers every month). I’m feeling confident that when it’s time to launch my book, I’ll have a platform to dive off of!

    Love you Kristen! Love you WANA-ites!

  20. I’ve heard wonderful things about your blogging course Kristen from these testimonials here and also the peeps I normally tweet and blog with. I just wanted to ask if this class is directed more towards new bloggers or also for those with some blogging experience?

    1. All levels benefit. It will help you find more focus and passion if you’ve already been blogging.

  21. Kristen’s class is worth every penny! Awesome knowledge plus confidence boosting support=blogging power.

  22. Kristen’s class is amazing. You get Kristen’s lessons and insightful advice–and the reasoning behind it. I never got a “do it because I said so”: each technique I learned has sound arguments to back it up. It gave me knowledge and confidence to enter a new world.

    I also got the numbers to show. As of today, my blog is 17 _days_ old. I’ve got 737 visits in this period. My klout score took flight. My name shows up on the first page of Google and bing searches.

    That’s only part of it. Kristen created a tight-knit and supportive community. This tribe shares their knowledge and their generous spirit. Best of all: You meet incredible people. I’ve made true friends in this class.

    And it is fun!

    I can’t believe it’s only 40 bucks. If you don’t have the money, try to ask a friend (or friends) to sign you up as a Christmas gift. I certainly got an early gift this year.

    Thanks again, Kristen.

  23. Kristen, I’m afraid you’ll have to slug it out with the pixies without me this time but thank you for this post and please find newly added link to your blog (from mine) and a plug for we are not alone. Best wishes, Tom

  24. As Kristen’s blogging guinea pig, I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re serious about your blogging as a writer, find a way. 🙂

  25. Thanks for letting me be a ‘fly on the wall’ in WANA1011 (when I landed in the room thinking it was a writers group instead of a class). I’ve already registered and look forward to seeing you in January!

  26. After all these wonderful comments, I am SO excited to take this class! SQUEEEEEEEE!!

  27. Once up a time, I was a major blogger. I had thousands of readers and commenters. I did it from nothing, and I did it just by paying attention, and most of all: WRITING KILLER STUFF.

    I know the pitfalls from a thousand angles, and that there are always hidden tricks.

    Having said all that, I intend to spring the 40 bucks to get a look at the info mentioned here. I imagine some of it will be old news for me, but I am convinced that even still, the things I will learn from Kristen’s course will be worth the money, and probably worth much much more.

    If an aspiring author really wants to take a LEGIT shot at the big time, that author would never skimp on the 40 bucks that could change everything. If you want it bad enough, put your money where your mouth is, peeps.

    Thanks Kristen. I am looking forward to digging in soon.

  28. It was just last summer that I stumbled upon Kristen Lamb’s website. And I do mean stumbled.

    Every post I would sit next to my husband and read to him and we would roar with laughter. I’d never found anyone who could teach with so much humor. But you know what? It all made sense. This hysterical woman was blogging her heart out and she knew what she was talking about.

    It wasn’t all talk. She actually walked the walk!!! So I signed up to take her course in Oct/Nov. The WANA1011 class as we are now known. Every single person in this class has been outstanding. Every one of my classmates have been caring and supportive, always willing to pay it forward.

    Now where did this attitude stem from? None other than Kristen Lamb!

    You see, people are smart. Sometimes we don’t give enough credit for how smart they really are.
    If we only make it all about us, people know. If we put the needs of others first, we don’t have to worry about ourselves. It will come back in return, one way or another.

    And now she has built a solid foundation, a community of talented creative people who no doubt are or will soon be successful. Why?

    Because we are not alone!

    Thank you Kristen!!!!

  29. I am 10 months into my blog. This is my resolution: Build a better blog. To prep I bought Are You There Blog? last month and am on my second read. What an eye opener, full of great suggestions, so much so that I signed up for Blogging to Build last week. The Pixies will not win.

  30. I wish I could afford it, I’ll drop some hints, but it’s a long shot again. Hope everyone who signs up has a wonderful time, I’ve seen the blogs sprout around these classes, Kristen knows her stuff.

  31. Kirsten, you should take a look at this site. It’s really interesting and exciting for aspiring writers.

  32. I missed out on the last class but I’m all signed up for the next! Woohoo! Excited and also kinda scared. 😀

    1. You’re gonna be a rockstar, Sonia!!! Kristen and your new WANA112 posse are going to cheer you on. 🙂

      1. *does snoopy dance* Yay! 😀

    • lynnkelleyauthor on December 15, 2011 at 1:03 am
    • Reply

    I’m also a member of the WANA1011 class, and money is super tight for us, too, but it was worth much more than $40. I’m tempted to take the next class, too, but money is even tighter now. And we’ll all be part of the WANA community and support each other.

    I took Kristen’s class in hopes that it would light a fire under me to blog. I enjoy blogging and meeting so many wonderful people, but I wasn’t sure what to write about. Kristen’s class has sparked so many ideas, and I never thought I’d blog three times a week, but that’s what I’m shooting for now. And the hits I’m getting are so much higher than before. The WANA peeps are awesome and inspiring!

  33. I’m in! EEE! I bought my own Christmas present. Hubby just thought he finished buying Christmas presents for me. Delusional man.

    After the beginning of the New Year (and release from canine ACL surgery Infirmary duties) my car, laptop and I plan to take road trips to WWBC Saturdays.

  34. I took Kristen’s class, and it helped me immensely in figuring out what I wanted the content of my blog to be, how to approach it, and even some detailed how-do-I-do-that stuff. I really think my blog has improved over time in great part from Kristen’s coaching. Thanks!

  35. I was a part of the #WANA1011 class and it was the best $40 I’ve ever spent. Kristen really knows her stuff and she gave me the push I needed to get serious about my blog. I had only started my blog two months prior to the class and both months my hits were very close to each other. The first month of class that number doubled, the second month it had tripled, and this month it is on it’s way to topping that number. I’m telling you, this class works. But the best thing about it is the amazing support group and network you get adopted into. I now have 100 friends that I know have my back and I have theirs. I have made some awesome friendships through this class and I know we will be supporting each other no matter how long it’s been since the class ended.

  36. I just signed up for your class, Kristen! A friend of mine took it early last summer and can’t say enough good things about your lessons and the people with whom she connected through the class. Looking forward to learning how to upgrade my blog!

  37. I was part of the WANA 1011 class and LOVED it! I was terrified of social media, and had no concept of how to blog, but Kristen’s class and book have really helped me get my feet on the right path. I highly recommend you take this class. Don’t let those pixies win! I fight them every day, and get better at it thanks to Kristen and my WANA classmates. WANA 1011 you all rock!

  38. The class is definitely worth it. I had thought about taking it again because I think my blog could use a tweak, but I already signed up for Bob’s class and if WWBC is resuming, I think it would put me under, lol! But if you ever offer a “touch up” class, let me know!

  39. I’m pretty sure I’ve overstepped all the rules of etiquette as they apply to gift-giving — at least as they apply to myself. Yesterday I emailed my husband at work and asked him how he’d like to buy me two books for Christmas (Aka, your above mentioned titles about social media and blogging.). “Do it,” he replied, at the same time he was surely crossing the diamond earrings off his list. Today it will be, “How would you like to buy me an online Blogging course for Christmas?” To which he will think, ‘Jeezaloo, doesn’t she have closets to clean and floors to wax?’ But I’m more than confident that he’ll be so relieved to cross the matching diamond necklace off his list that I’ll be signed-up for your class before I pour my second cup this morning. Pixies be gone! Thank you, Kristen. I’m so looking forward to pulling my mess together 🙂

  40. Kristen, I’m considering giving this class to my husband for Christmas, but I wanted to run this past you first. He needs to blog, because he needs to build a brand, but the thing is, he’s not a writer – aspiring or otherwise. He is working on becoming a beer guru – a cicerone – and he needs to work out what he wants to do with the qualification once he’s got it. Conceptually, your course sounds like it can help him figure out what sets him apart, what kind of blogger he wants to be, etc., but I don’t want to throw you off by having an outlier in the mix, or have him find his chosen direction incompatible with the course material.

    What do you think? Would your course be a good fit for a blogging noob like my Beloved? Would he throw off your course demographic?

    1. I think the class would help him tremendously and he could just make sure I was aware of what brand he is wanting to create

        • Wendy Barron on December 19, 2011 at 2:19 pm
        • Reply

        Thank you! *goes to buy his prezzie*

  41. Thanks to Liz Fielding retweeting one of your tweets, I have just read a few of your posts, followed the link to both of your books We Are Not Alone–The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer . Bought both in Kindle edition from Amazon. Followed your link to your workshop – which I can’t afford until after Christmas, if you have spaces left – and feel thoroughly ashamed of myself in many ways. To mention just two, I joined various social media sites with the idea in mind to promote my Children’s book, Keeper of the Enchanted Pool, what am I doing? Entering competitions to help with stuff for my home and family, Christmas, clothes and anything else that sounds like a ‘must have’ useless distraction from… writing my next books, blog – last post 21st March! – and promoting said novel.

    As for writing, I don’t get writer’s block, I get writers runs (to put it delicately). Once I start writing, I can’t stop. I get so many thoughts and ideas spilling into my head that they are tripping over each other to come out. I love writing. So why am I not writing, blogging and promoting? Everything you said and more, including, illness, writer’s ‘can’t be arsed’ and confidence. I have doubts, one of my daughters thinks the start of my book isn’t quite right and I’ve lost faith in it. Yet I love it and my characters. Will others think the same? I’ve had good reviews. It’s been compared to Narnia and Enid Blyton books. My Crime/Thriller was coming along nicely, too. I have a Dip Ed in Literature and Creative Writing. Made my own website, Lucy fox and am internet savvy. I have come to a whining halt!

    So, what am I babbling on about? I think I have found, in my diversion from comping, hope, inspiration and a light to follow. You, dear, Kristen and your wonderful blog have given me a kick up the proverbial. Thank heaven for the internet and being able to learn from you, even though I live in England. I mustn’t let the Pixies win! Even though though they are so cute!

    Thank you, Kristen

    Love and Happy Christmas

    Gwenda (aka Lucy)

  42. Just signed up. I have always been blog challenged. Just can’t figure out what the heck to write about that people would want to read. The few times I think of something don’t add up to much. My poor blog only has a few posts that aren’t announcements of new material.

    If you can cure even me, there’s hope for anyone. 🙂

    *Fingers crossed*

      • lynnkelleyauthor on December 21, 2011 at 3:55 am
      • Reply

      You’re going to love the class, and you’ll be surprised at how many things there are to blog about, things that you’re interested in, things that make blogging fun! Have at it!

    • lynnkelleyauthor on December 21, 2011 at 3:54 am
    • Reply

    I’m linking to this post from my post, Kristen. I hope there’s still some openings in the class in case some of my readers want to sign up!

  43. I just signed up, and I’m going to check out your books now. Thanks so much for offering this course. This is exactly what I need as I’ve just decided (well, a few months ago) to self-publish!

    • Nancy J Nicholson on December 22, 2011 at 12:29 pm
    • Reply

    I can’t recommend this class enough. I’ve got over 90 days of 3 times a week blogs under my belt thanks to Kristen.


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  7. […] check out Kristen Lamb’s online class, Blogging For Author Brand. Read about it in her post here. There are a lot of testimonials in the comments section. It’s a two-month class for $40 and […]

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