Don’t Advertise, PADvertise: Catch Readers With Their Pants Down

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Book spam is so yesterday.

Seems writers are always looking for some new way to advertise their books, which is fine…but some folks have gone more than a little bit cray-cray. I finally fled Twitter, by and large, because it’s next to impossible to locate real hoo-mans among all the automation. My email has pretty much gone feral as well, but meh.

Today, let’s have some fun at the bots’ expense, shall we?

Okay, any of you who regularly follow my blog know that I am totally out of my mind a bit eccentric. I’m reposting this blog because a) I’ve been flattened with bronchial pneumonia b) I have to travel and c) this post never stops being funny…especially if you’re like me and have the same sense of humor as a fourteen-year-old boy.

This post was inspired when I was speaking in Idaho. I’d excused myself to the ladies’ room and, as I closed the door to the stall, I noticed all the advertising on the back of the bathroom door. This cluttered wall of ads made me think about all the authors spamming non-stop about their books on social media and via email.

Writers were becoming worse than an MLM rep crossed with a Jehovah’s Witness. Could the author book promotion get any more invasive?


Maybe it could.

I’ve blogged so many times about the dangers of automation and how spamming people is counterproductive. I’ve talked until I am blue about how the non-stop blitz of advertising our books has a terrible ROI (return on investment) and how most people don’t pay attention to it.

Ah, but then it hit me.

The main reason advertising doesn’t work is because people ignore it and no longer see it, but what would they see?

Go big or go home, people.

Panty Prose—Not Advertising, Padvertising (TM)

We all know that roughly 85% of readers are women, and what do women need? Panty liners. YES, but what do they need more than springtime fresh girl parts? More FREE! books. Indie authors shouldn’t spam about their latest book release or be advertising their free title on KDP select.


Because when we advertise at the expense of authenticity it’s a dirtbag move? No! Because it’s self-serving and obnoxious? Not quite. Because it smacks of desperation? Not at all. The reason authors shouldn’t spam about their books is because spam is for amateurs.

The business savvy author of the digital age doesn’t settle on blasting out non-stop self-promotional tweets to advertise. That is SO 2014. The REAL writer of the digital age realizes a captive audience is a a buying audience.

This is 2020 people.

Catch readers with their pants down with Panty Prose.

Panty Prose is perfect for the indie author. Most readers are female and even females need something to read in the bathroom. We at Panty Prose (a new imaginary division of W.A.N.A. International) have teamed up with Always against their will to offer your readers the best deals right in their pants.


Advertise smarter.

Panty Prose not only offers you PADvertising to a guaranteed clientele, but we have all kinds of layouts to suit your PADvertising needs. Technology is your friend with Panty Prose. Want to advertise?

Put your book where it counts…

advertising, book ads, book spam, book marketing, humor, Kristen Lamb, advertise
Sell like a pro!

At Panty Prose, we even make it affordable for you to place your face in your reader’s pants…

advertising, book ads, book spam, book marketing, humor, Kristen Lamb
Affordable packages available SOON!

As you can see, Panty Prose is inserting your ads into a virgin market begging to be tapped.

*blank stare*

Why are all the romance authors giggling? You’re being very distracting.

Anyway, while others might see a protective strip that gets tossed in the bin, we see an unused space to advertise—no to PADvertise—your latest novel AND save trees! Instead of throwing away that paper strip, we can print off lines from your book so fans can collect them ALL…

advertising, book ads, book spam, book marketing, humor, Kristen Lamb, advertise
Make readers your fans for ALWAYS….

Panty Prose is dedicated to keeping women fresh while selling your books. Attending a writing conference? Well, there is a bathroom and everyone knows that even agents can’t hold it forever.

Why not help them out? Keep them springtime fresh and give them your query. Elevator pitches are for losers, when you can use the Panty Pitch. The Panty Pitch comes in three fragrances, Sonnet’s Eve, New Office Supplies, and Cinnabon.

Advertise with the Panty Pitch:

advertise, book marketing, book advertising, humor, book promotion, how to sell more books, Kristen Lamb

Panty Prose for the Published Professional is a smart, savvy way to advertise and stand out from all the competition that’s still relying on scheduled tweets and blasting out spammy emails. Make an impression that will last for Always.

Much like this post. I’d blame the meds but this is a reblog from years ago.

Advertising, Absurdism & Sometimes You Gotta Just LAUGH

advertise, book marketing, book advertising, humor, book promotion, how to sell more books, Kristen Lamb

In all fairness, I spent an entire day ‘Photoshopping’ my face onto panty liner strips to make a point—other than all my primary school teachers were correct when they checked, ‘Does Not Use Time Wisely’ on every report card EVER.

We’ve probably all done the dumb stuff because some ‘expert’ said it was a bright idea. I have. I almost named my first social media book, ‘I Did All the Dumb Crap So You Don’t Have To.’ But it was a bit long to try to fit on a cover.

The best way to sell books is to hunker down, and embrace the hurt locker that is our profession and write incredible stories readers will discover then fall in love with. Learning our craft is tough. It’s a long process, but once you start gaining skill and mastery, it’s worth it.

Sure, we can advertise, but that’s really not going to drive sales the way good old fashioned word of mouth will.

Go to this post, On Writing: Why Mastery Should Matter to the Serious Author. I have a LONG list of resources, colleagues I respect, mentors who helped grow me from a primordial ooze of purple prose into the comedic GENIUS unafraid to be on a panty liner to make a point 😛 .

#1 at HUMBLE!

My life lately….

I’m also extending the New Year’s sale on the classes through January because I cannot get rid of this freaking cough. So seems like we might as well have the On Demand specials going until I am back fit for active duty.

Pneumonia is a beast. But I hope you will treat yourself to these classes before they’re deleted to make room for new classes.


What are your thoughts? Other than I have lost my mind. Are you weary of the non-stop spamming? The barrage of tweets crapping up all the interesting hashtags on Twitter? Tired of being force-added to mailing lists of authors you’ve never heard of all trying to give you a FREE book?

In the meantime, it all goes back to what I have preached since the get-go. Learn how to write AMAZING stories and cultivate an audience. I teach all how to do that and those classes are all on sale right now.


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***I will announce December’s winner once I feel better. I’m recovering from bronchial pneumonia.

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    • karen barr on January 14, 2020 at 1:26 pm
    • Reply

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts for years now.. I always find them informative and useful. I’ve never before read anything derogatory to a specific group of people, so I was extremely disappointed to read this post.

    Your comment: “Writers were becoming worse than an MLM rep crossed with a Jehovah’s Witness. Could the author book promotion get any more invasive?” Is not only hurtful but alienating to at least a portion of your readers! While I am no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I still have strong beliefs regarding their work. I also know that people who do not understand the reasons behind their actions might have negative feelings toward them. But that does not make it right. I don’t believe it’s right to dis ANY religion.

    Personally, I’ve found that the best authors or public personalities try to stay away from political or religious comments as it may offend their readers. I personally stay away from these type of ‘hot-button’ comments for that very reason. You obviously don’t care about any of that. I find your comment not only hurtful but in extremely bad taste. ‘Humor’ is not funny when it is offensive.

    Perhaps if you took the time to sit down and talk to one of Jehovah’s Witnesses you’d find that they are very nice, polite and caring people. It might also give you an understanding of why they keep coming back to your door. “Tolerance is understanding”

    But even if it did not change your outlook or opinion of them, I see that as nothing more than a personal opinion. Not something that should be shared in a public newsletter or post. However, you obviously feel differently. I’m just surprised that you would allow that to come out.
    I’m afraid I might have just read the last of post of yours.

    1. Karen, I apologize you were offended, but humor steps on toes and you’re assuming a lot about me in one comment amidst over two thousand blogs. I will work to be more sensitive in the future but I make fun of myself and my own faith all the time and to be blunt…PC is polite tyranny.

      If I have lost your readership, sorry. But the reference had to do with that Jehovah’s Witnesses and their unrivaled reputation for persistence and tenacity. They’re are KNOWN for this, Karen. They are LEGENDARY for their persistence. I know that and you know that or the joke would be meaningless. They walk the streets in every sort of weather and endure doors slammed in their faces, rude and hateful people, and every sort of rebuke and yet they press on because they DO have a passionate belief and KUDOS for that.

      You are reading more into the statement than was intended. I apologize, but I wasn’t being any more hateful to them than I was being hateful to people who sell me vitamins. I buy Scentsy warmers, Arbonne creams, and Kyani vitamins and I wasn’t hating on them either.

        • karenbarr on January 14, 2020 at 3:10 pm
        • Reply

        Thanks, for the response, Kristen. And you are right, I am reading more into the comment than what’s actually there. My apologies for that. I was thinking after I posted my comments that there are jokes bandied about at the sake of many types of political and religious organizations. And I agree 100% with your comment re: PC. I am no stranger to the hateful comments made about JW’s. I’ve heard them all my life, (long before I knew what one was) LOL

        And no, it was not really “hateful” – you simply compared their tenacity. Perhaps I should have a 2nd cup of coffee before letting my fingers walk the keyboard.

        1. LOL, no harm no foul. You learn to have a thick skin in blogging. Humor can be tough because you don’t have the benefit of facial expressions and tone of voice. Ergo the liberal use of emojis. I would never pick on anyone in a mean-spirited way. You should see me riff on my own people, the Baptist Bible Camps and the scars from puppet shows from summer VBS. #Triggered.

          I am glad we can be friends and that you forgive me (((HUGS))).

    • caitlondon on January 14, 2020 at 1:28 pm
    • Reply

    I’ve been writing for a long, long time, presented lots of classes, how-tos, etc. and really appreciate this fresh blog post. 🙂

  1. That’s a relief – to hear someone who knows what they’re talking about agree with my gut feeling. I couldn’t hard-sell back in the days I was flogging Tupperware and I sure-as-shuddering can’t do it now I’ve self-published.
    True – I can’t afford any pricey campaign purchases, but it’s such a relief to know I’m not actually losing out by failing to shout BUY MY BOOK at every opportunity.

    1. No, you are fine. Just keep writing excellent books and develop your brand and platform. Word of mouth is all that sells books. It’s all that has ever sold books. There is just so much noise right now, any ad campaign that could rise above the din would be so cost-prohibitive anyway you wouldn’t make a profit. It’s why we have to curate that audience.

  2. Phew! All those times I’ve forgotten to advertise a sale or whatever and have got on with my writing life and my ‘real’ life now feel a teensy bit justified. Cracking post, Kristen! Loved it!

  3. Another post built on humor, but with a point! Must admit, that is somewhere that I had never thought of to advertise…

    • morgynstarz on January 15, 2020 at 9:54 am
    • Reply

    Dearest Kirsten, feel better. Am reading Rise of the Machines and going, err, why isn’t this available in Audible? Read by you?

    1. On the list of things to do, LOL.

        • morgynstarz on January 15, 2020 at 3:26 pm
        • Reply

        Friggin’ awesome!

  4. Love it! Hope you feel better soon.

    • Jennifer Brotherhood on January 21, 2020 at 1:19 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Kristen. On Sat 1/18 I registered for the on-demand class “Taking the PLUNGE: How to Write Deep POV” from your site. I received a paypal receipt but no instructions on how to access the class. I can’t find where to go for help with this issue. Please advise.

    1. Sometimes the spam filters eat our messages. Let me get that to you. THANKS!

    2. I sent you the official Welcome message that has the actual class link in it. Since it is ON DEMAND you access at your leisure. Simply copy and paste the link into your browser and enjoy. If you have any other issues please let me know at kristen at wana intl dot com. (((HUGS)))

  5. A great post, Kristen. Although I won”t be advertising on panty liners any time soon, you have given me the incentive to ‘think out of the box’ tor new places to advertise.

  6. Hi! I recently purchased one of your classes, but I’ve actually been unable to access it now. Am I missing something? Thx

    1. I was out of town. I’ll message you and get you sorted.

    • Jennifer Brotherhood on January 27, 2020 at 1:07 pm
    • Reply

    Got it! Thank you!!

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