The Story Bible: Keeping Track of the Voices in Your Head…and More ON DEMAND

Instructor: Cait Reynolds

Price: $75 USD

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Where: On Compatible Devices


Some writers live and die by the sticky note. But how many sticky notes can a non-weight-bearing wall handle when we are world-building for a book or even a series? Conversely, as a reader, we have all had that, “Wait, I thought you said he had green hair because he was a Xusian?” moment when we catch an inconsistency 

A “Story Bible” helps you keep everyone all on the same page…as in everyone in your head.. 

This class will cover the following topics – and much more:

  • The elements of a backstory;
  • How to take your current plot idea and work backwards into a backstory;
  • Integrating character profiles and the backstory;
  • How the backstory relates to the log line and synopsis;
  • Using the backstory to dig yourself out of corners and shake off writer’s block;
  • Why a backstory is crucial to writing a series.


A recording of this class is also included with purchase.

About the Instructor:

Cait Reynolds is a USA Today Bestselling Author and lives in Long Beach, California with her very patient husband, a cranky old rescue mutt named Horseradish, and two insane Basenji puppies.

She likes history, astronomy, Jack Daniels, jewelry, pasta, and solitude. Not all at the same time. She has worked hard to develop a good relationship with the NSA agents in the van outside her house. They now understand that her Google searches and Amazon wish list are purely for research purposes.

Cait is also the co-host of the ‘divinely funny’ podcast, Drunk Mythology Gals, which severely limits which of her book characters she will be hanging with in the afterlife.