I Bring You…A Gift–A New Era for the Digital Age Artist

I know I have been driving you guys nuts for months about this gift I had in store for you. Well, my business partner Ingrid Schaffenburg (the ballerina) and I been working 16 hour days 6 days a week since February. We’d wanted to space out your gifts, kinda like Hanukah or the 12 Days of Christmas, but we had a lot on our plate.

Even though a lot of the WANAs helped us—and we totally could not have done this without them—we’re still trying to change the world, which is a HUGE deal. So instead of Hanukah, you guys are getting the “Mommy’s working two jobs so she stayed up all night wrapping your gifts in Happy Anniversary paper and here they are…all of them.”

A Small Speech First

Hey, stop whining! You’re getting all your gifts at once. Stop pulling up the edges of tape. We see you O_O.

Welcome to the Digital Age. It is an amazing time to be a writer. There are so many opportunities to succeed, and, for the first time in human history, it is actually possible for a fiction author to not only make a living, but earn a good living.

For the first time, an author’s work ethic and training truly count. In the Digital Age, it ain’t over until we quit. In the old paradigm, countless good books failed to to thrive because of a number of factors outside the artist’s control. Additionally, many excellent works were never published for factors that had more to do with the market than the quality of the writing.

In the olden days, in the face of rejection, a writer had only three choices.

1. Stuff the work in a drawer and keep writing and hope the market would want the rejected work one day.

2. Keep shopping the work forever hoping he could hassle enough people until someone saw the genius in his work and would take a chance.

3. Quit and go back to evil day job and rue the day he was foolish enough to want to be a writer.

4. Get plastered and type drunken messages on the publisher’s Facebook page.

Okay, four choices, but I would totally avoid that fourth one.

These options, of course, are still available to all of us. Ah, but in the Digital Age of Publishing we have new options and more options. Self-publishing is now a viable career path.

Many agents are now looking for clients among the self-published successes.Why? Because they are a tested commodity, but also many self-published authors come with a strong platform and excellent business skills. They are able to write good books very quickly to keep pace with demand from the fans.

In fact, many traditional publishers are now requiring their authors to have a social media platform, to blog, and to do book tours and digital launch parties…even the mega-authors. Last year I helped NYTBSA James Rollins throw a digital launch party for The Devil’s Colony and this year we are back at it with Bloodlines. 

So this idea that traditional publishing will allow us to sit in our cave and listen to Enya and write books while they do all the marketing is urban legend.

Yes, urban legend like Mr. Rogers was never a Marine sniper, there was no mermaid body found on the beach and the whole Richard Gere Gerbil Incident? Never happened. Sorry. Agent and publisher that does all our business stuff is a myth…much like Monkey Boy.

I was bummed too.

So the modern author has a lot of options and a lot better chances of success. Ah, but here is the catch.

Success in the Digital Age

The modern author has to be leaner, meaner, faster, hungrier and be able to telepathically communicate with dolphins. Okay, I totally made that last part up, but it would be a cool power, right?

Here is the deal, writers need to learn a lot more stuff. This notion that an agent is going to adopt us and do everything for us is another urban legend…like the man-eating snake.

Problems of the Digital Age

We Need to Know More….A Lot More

Back in the old days, all we had to know was how to write a really awesome book and lick a stamp. These days? We need to know how to use Scrivner to help us organize our novel and Excel to help us track expenses and then there is One Note to keep us on top of what we are doing for the book launch. Then we need to know Facebook, G+, Twitter, Flikr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Goodreads, Klout, Squidoo, You Tube and on and on.

Of course maybe we don’t need to know all of those, but how can we know the best fit for our platform if we don’t know what all these sites do? But how can we know what these sites can do if we don’t take time to check them out? But where can we find the time?

We’re already working a day job and writing while keeping the toddler from eating the dog food and checking to make sure our elderly mother hasn’t used the Easter egg dye on her hair again and…it…is…all…too…..much.

Technology Changes So Quickly

We need to know a lot more stuff, but to add another level of interesting, it changes all the time. We just about figure out how to use Facebook and they New and Improve us with Timeline.

Thanks, Facebook. You seriously suck.

For those who want to self-publish, this technology changes constantly and it is a time-investment of trial and error to figure it out. Time you don’t have!

Conferences Have Limits

Writing conferences are some of the best investments we can make in our career, but they only happen once a year. Also, unless we happen to live in the area, we have to travel and travel is grossly cost-prohibitive. But there is so much to learn. We need writing classes and social media and technology classes and EEEEP!

Our Budget and Schedule have Limits

Conferences can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, so obviously it isn’t like we can attend one a month. We need classes that are affordable and that fit within our busy schedule.

Social Media Taught by Social Media Experts

Yes, I list this as a problem. A HUGE problem. Why? Because social media experts are not artists first. They are social media experts. Many of them don’t understand that we need time to do our art.

Also, many of them don’t understand that traditional marketing does not sell books. Period. Never has and never will. What works in Corporate America does not work for books. For those curious as to why, go here.

It isn’t enough to know how to use a certain social platform. We have to know how to use it in a way that sells books. WANA works and that is why I openly share WANA success stories like Author Jillian Dodd who made over $100,000 last year and donated $10,000 to her favorite charity. Before WANA, she’d sold 36 books. Same book. Same work ethic. Different approach, a WANA approach. Also, she had time left to write more books.

Jillian is amazing and she truly embodies the WANA spirit. She not only does her own stuff, but she stops to offer help to new writers. She is never too successful to pay it forward.

To Be Successful, We Have to Write Good Books Quickly

The indie and self-published author has to be able to write a lot of books to make the big money. If we look at all the indie authors who are making a good living, they either came to the table with a traditionally vetted backlist (Bob Mayer, Barry Eisler) or they just were super fast writers (John Locke, Amanda Hocking, H.P. Mallory) who could keep pace with the demands of the fans.

Even traditional publishing is making authors pick up the pace. They used to only require a book every other year. Now? A book a year and they are requiring authors to release novellas to prime the pump for the main release. So a book and a novella a year. And, as the indies gain more market share? Expect that pace to pick up.

Kristen STOP! We need a paper bag and a prescription of Xanax!

No, you will be fine. In fact, you will be way more than fine. You are gonna be AWESOME. Get your shades cuz the future’s so bright you gotta wear shades cuz it could fry off your corneas.

That was actually the original lyric to that song, but nothing rhymes with “cornea.”

Anyway, back to your gifts…

Gift #1 WANA Learn?

WANA International–Empowering Artists of the Digital Age

WANA International is here to help the artist of the Digital Age. We have over 40 instructors all over the world. We offer holistic training for the artist.


We have craft training from some of the top authors in the business—New York Times Best-Selling & USA Today Best-Selling Author Shirley Jump, Nationally Best-Selling Author James Scott Bell, award-winning author and revered writing teacher Les Edgerton, Vicki Hinze (RITA Award Winner who has over a million books in print). These are just of the few talented individuals we have to help you guys learn to be faster, better, cleaner writers. From plotting to dialogue, we have you covered.


Want to finally learn how to use some of those programs you paid good money for? Not only do we have the best technology trainers, but they are all artists. They are all using the technology for their writing career. They speak your language!

Social Media

Need a platform? Need to learn to blog? Want to learn how to use Pinterest, G+, Goodreads, Tumblr, Flikr, Twitter, etc.? Not only does WANA International have a class, all our classes are taught by writers using the technology successfully. Our instructors are not from a PR firm or “marketing experts” with marketing/promotion companies and services to sell.

Our instructors are all writers who understand marketing and promotion using social media, and they are using it successfully without using automation, form letters or spamming people. Our instructors all use WANA methods.

I can only learn so many social platforms, but with my WANA team? We’ve got all the bases covered. Learn the WANA Way for any platform you choose, and, if the platform makes a major change? *cough* *Timeline* WANA will have you covered.


Balanced writers are happy and productive writers. Our lifestyle, attitude and health affects our art, so we need to learn ways to manage all these new roles we’ve gained in the Digital Age. At WANA, we care about the whole artist–mind, body and soul. This is why we offer training for time-management, setting boundaries, and nutrition for maximum productivity, just to name a few.


When should writers become an LLC? What about taxes? What should writers look for in a contract? How do we decide when to go indie versus traditional? How do we land an agent? Write a query letter? What do we look for in an agent? Do we still need an agent even if we are self-published? How can we succeed using KDP Select? When do we need a web site? What advantages are there to book trailers? How do we find the right cover design? How do we do a book launch? A blog tour? Score a book review?

The writing business has become a whole new level of complicated. But no fear, WANA is here. We bring you literary agents, entertainment lawyers, and the top experts in publishing to answer your questions and train you to be an Artist-Entrepreneur.


We will be using Go-To-Webinar technology to make learning easy and fun.

Gift #2–WANA Family? A Community? A support network?

One thing that WANA does differently is we won’t cut you loose to sink or swim. We not only teach you, but then we plug you into a community to help support you and nurture you during those early days when your career or platform is in its infancy. We give you better than a family, we give you a TRIBE.

I knew that artists needed a support network almost as much, if not more, than training. This job is hard, it’s lonely and we need creative energy to thrive.

My business partner an I were inspired by the movie Midnight in Paris and we thought it was so cool how writers hung out with other creatives. The Paris salons were filled with writers, dancers, actors, painters, filmmakers, and it was this glorious cross-pollination of imagination.

Then I, being the social media Jedi, thought, “Why can’t we recreate that digitally?”

So, we did. We built you your very own social network, WANATribe.

WANATribe is the modern salon. We aren’t Facebook and aren’t trying to be. We are only for the creative professional. No matter where you turn on WANATribe, you will find friends, because everyone is an artist just like you. WANATribe is free of spam and automation because on WANATribe? I am GOD and will smite them and cast them to the unholy depths of the recycle bin.

No more bots! On WANATribe, you can be yourself and talk about your art because we care. 

WANATribe is integrated with Twitter and Facebook so you can still connect with coworkers, family and schoolmates, and we also have all the functionality of the major social platforms. Upload photos, music, video and even customize your own page to express your uniqueness in a way that FB doesn’t offer.

I’ve been running a beta version for the past six weeks and we already have a growing population of writers, artists, videographers, graphic artists, designers, etc. Connect with all kinds of creatives. Now networking is a whole new kind of fun.

Sign up today and please invite all your crazy artist friends. The more the weirder merrier.

Gift #3–WANA Mascot?

When we began WANA, we wanted a symbol, something that embodied what WANA stood for. I happened to notice that the eye of the peacock feather was an inverted heart wrapped with what looked like a W.

I’ve always referred to WANA as The Love Revolution because we aren’t founded on marketing or promotion or selling stuff. We aren’t founded on self-serving objectives. We are founded on the principles of love, service, and community. It’s why WANA works and it’s why it thrives. It feels right. So the fact that the peacock feather had a heart and a W was just kismet.

Also, the peacock is revered in cultures all over the globe. It has been a symbol of art, beauty and resurrection for thousands of years. How perfect is that?

Once we decided on a symbol, I dusted off my art supplies and drew us a mascot. I drew Francis in all his splendor, a mascot for all artists.

But Francis didn’t always look like this. Like most of us, Francis has a story…

We are all Francis. The night I drew Francis I had a dream. Francis told me his story and I woke up upset…no. I woke up heartbroken. I pulled out my sketchpad and I drew out his story. When it was complete, I knew it had to be shared. We knew we were launching WANA International and WANATribe, but we needed this final piece. So we contacted an animator in NYC and scraped together the funds to tell Francis’s story…because it is my story, and likely it is your story, too.

Artists live in a world that doesn’t value their contribution the way it should. Many artists get discouraged and give up. WANA is here to change that. There are many wonderful resources to help artists, be we want to help the whole artist. We will give you the skills and the support to reach your dreams.

We are not alone.

Thanks for being patient and I hope you will go check out your gifts. Go browse WANA International. Francis’s debut film is on our home page, so check out his short film and then come back here and let me know what you think :D. Here is your invitation to WANATribe and I am super excited that I can hang out with you there.

Also, two of our WANAs are going to be throwing us a Twitter party! *happy dance* Join us on FRIDAY if you #WANAParty. There will be fun, prizes, digital mojitos and the World’s Largest Twitter Twister Board. We will be giving away free webinars, consultations with literary agents, and all kinds of cool stuff!

You guys are awesome and I am so thrilled to be a part of your success. THANK YOU!!!


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  1. As a member of WanaTribe I can attest to what a great place it is to hang out with other writers. I am pleased as punch to start meeting new people and discuss all of the sticky minutiae that writers like to pick over 🙂 Ms. Lamb’s blog, sites and advice are all excellent resource’s for writers in this new digital age.

    Many thanks Kristen, I appreciate it!

  2. I’m so excited about WANA International! Thanks, Kristen and Ingrid, SO MUCH for believing in all of us and creating a platform for us to thrive, connect and grow in our artistry. Francis-types should flock together. I think we shine brighter that way. 😉

  3. Seriously? Do you ever sleep? This all looks amazing. There’s so much it’s a little overwhelming. But then again, that’s the way I felt in the beginning of your class, so… Thanks 🙂

      • shawn on June 4, 2012 at 12:01 pm
      • Reply

      As her husband, I can attest she does sleep. Just not much. Lol

  4. I look forward to participating whole-heartedly. Nicely done, Kristen.

    I like the peacock mascot. That heart in the W could also be described as looking like a butt, which is also astute in its own right.


  5. I LOVE this!!
    This is an amazing idea, Kristen. And so powerful!
    This is one more reason why I feel like joining the WANAs has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
    Thank you and Ingrid for doing so much and working so hard to help all of us.
    I truly appreciate it!

  6. So… Some of my favorite people in the world have joined forces to help the community we love?
    It doesn’t get much better than this!
    Kristen, you rock (but you already knew that…)!

    • Jordan L. Hawk on June 4, 2012 at 12:00 pm
    • Reply

    So excited! I’ve been hoping for a blogging class and here one is, just in time. Thank you!

    All your hard work and dedication really shines on the WANA International and WANA Tribe sites. 🙂

  7. Awesome concept! I’m looking forward to participating in everything. The WANA tribe is amazing and I just want to thank you and Ingrid for all you do. 🙂

  8. Francis’ story is an inspiration for all.

  9. *sniff* I feel so loved, now. No, REALLY! Can’t wait to unwrap my “gifts” (right after I attend to my Comp II lesson for tonight.)

    • prudencemacleod on June 4, 2012 at 12:16 pm
    • Reply

    All so very cool, Kristen. You rock. (so does Francis)

  10. Ooo! What a lovely gift!!

  11. WANA International is even more than I imagined but that should not and does not surprise. As a reader of your blog for some time–subscribed to Ingrid’s as soon as I knew about it–my faith in humanity grows because of you, Ingrid and all those who make up WANA International. I join the others in adding my thanks and offer my promise to pay WANA forward in any way I am able.

    Thanks so much, Kristen et al.


    1. Karen, you are just all kinds of awesome! Every ime I see your name I know it is going to make my day. Thanks for being you. You seriously ROCK.

      1. Somehow, I missed your response; old age makes missing things very easy. Most of the time, missing is a good thing but not to have known this compliment would have been a real loss. Thank you so much, Kristen; this really means a lot to me.

        1. Well, I always LOVE when you comment. You always make them so super special and that fuels the care I put into these posts. It is really nice to have someone go out of their way to give such generous recognition, and it keeps me going when it seems like it would just be easier to dash off some fluff, LOL.

  12. Dear Kristen –
    I can only imagine how much you have on your plate, yet you still give. You seem to have an innate drive to create a writing community in which each writer feels appreciated, supported, understood, and cared for. Writers have to do the work of course. But you are a true advocate: you give as many tools as you can so that we can do our writing and sell our books successfully. We write so people have something to read. You provide us with tools and support so that we can write. Do you realize the effect you and your team have upon a giant community?

    I feel honored to be a part of the WANA community – the WANA tribe. Through you, Jenny, Piper, Donna, Marcy, Lisa, & others I have met here through your blog, I have been blessed with some amazing unofficial mentors. I have so much to learn. Thank goodness through WANA, and all the amazing WANA blogs, there is much information – and now you have given us more!

    Thank you for everything you do –

    1. Awww, you are making me cry. THANK YOU. You guys inspire me every day. I hate wasted talent, especially when it is something we can prevent. I know what it is like to be confused, lost and alone. I can’t count how many cruel people I encountered but I pressed on because of my mentors, mentors like Bob Mayer, James Scott Bell and Candy Havens. The best way to pay them back is to pay it forward and that’s what WANA is about :D.

    2. Oh man, Monique is making me sniffle….

      1. I was tearing as I read this post and wrote my comment, Kristen and Jenny! I have a big heart for you both!

    3. Monique, I feel like I’m the one who’s blessed. Every single comment you leave, every email/message you send, is one of encouragement. As much as you appreciate us, we appreciate you!

      1. Yup…Listen to that Marcy. She’s wise, wise, wise. 🙂

  13. This is so exciting; I am doing a happy dance! I cannot wait to go explore WANA International. Thank you and Ingrid from the bottom of my heart!

  14. All I can say is…WOW.
    Yeah, right, as if that’s all I had to say. Wonderful job. Love being one of your Tweeps, because your kernels of knowledge just keep popping! Thank you for providing such an amazing forum,

  15. Oh my goodness, this is the best gift EVER! (Except for my kids and hubby, of course). Kristen, this couldn’t come at a better time for me. I’m starting Fast Draft this week with Jenny and Ingrid and Jess and…I don’t know who else, but this will really give me the extra oomph I need! Once this 2nd book is completed/revised/ready, I’m going to take the PLUNGE into the self-pub pool! But I’m worried, of course, thinking, “What the heck do I know about this? Where will I get an editor? A graphic artist? Advice?” I know we have WANAs that could give advice in bits and pieces, and that’s been great, but this is kick-a$$ organized! This has everything, in one warm, fuzzy place! Thank you! 😀

  16. Brilliant! Congrats…Kristen and Ingrid! And thank-you for creating this support for all of us.


  17. This is great, Kristen. My book comes out in November with MuseItUp, and I’ll probably sub the current WIP to a small press too, but I intend to self-publish the series I’m working on. I’m just trying to learn the business and build my brand before I jump into that pool. Thanks for creating something where we can learn so much. I have to admit, the prices are tough for me but that’s something I’ll have to work on.

    • lynnkelleyauthor on June 4, 2012 at 1:14 pm
    • Reply

    Thank you, Kristen and Ingrid. I LOVE the new WANATribe site. It’s amazing! Well done, ladies!

    • lynnkelleyauthor on June 4, 2012 at 1:19 pm
    • Reply

    Francis’s debut film is adorable! And clever!

  18. Kristen and Ingrid, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your hard work. I’ve been just itching to tell everyone and now that the gifts are open, I’ll be singing your praises. I am so impressed with not only your talent and dedication to your fellow artists, but with your embodiment of the Love Revolution. I would add to We Are Not Alone with We Are All In This Together! Not only are you savvy enough to understand the sales/marketing aspect of being an artist in the digital age, you thoroughly understand the struggles we all share in trying to find our voice. The fact that you have been so generous to share what you have learned, proves that you get out of this world what you put into it and we are all reaping the benefits of your generosity. Onward and Upward in the Arts! as they say. CONGRATULATIONS on seeing all of your hard work come to fruition.

  19. Kristen – Congratulations to you and Ingrid Schaffenburg on your launch of WANA International. I can hardly take everything in in this post. It’s like ordering the Big Gulp at the 7-Eleven and then jumping on Canada Wonderland’s newest roller coaster — Leviathan! Whee!! I’ve already clicked all over WANA-I and enjoyed the Francis video…twice. Francis rocks! Where is my mug? Where is my tee? 😀 I am delighted to see Shirley Jump in the craft webinar roster. Love her writing. Again, congratulations to you both. Cheers!

  20. Thank you for your tireless work on WANA. You are truly an inspiration-and now WANA International? Very cool, for sure. Super cute cartoon video. I seriously love this gift you have created for all of us artists. We have no excuse not to succeed. Thanks, Kristen.

  21. Love the idea of this!

  22. WOO-HOOOOOOOOO…we are launched (at last)!!! I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it. 🙂

    1. LOL, easy tiger….. 🙂

  23. This is so terrific. Going over to join as soon as I can. I think what you have done to encourage and advise and inspire authors and artists has been amazing. Thank you!

  24. Yay for the launch! 😀 Can’t wait for everything.

  25. Kristen, thank you! I read about WANATribe over at Running From Hell With El, and am so excited to join! I have finally begun work on a memoir about my childhood in Key West. My only hope is that I am able to do the characters and the setting proper justice. I’m sure I’ll be looking for feedback and support over the next several months as the piece unfolds. Thanks again 🙂

  26. This is great, Kristen! How exciting! I’m thrilled to be included and really looking forward to participating.

    • Reetta Raitanen on June 4, 2012 at 4:00 pm
    • Reply

    Wow, you and Ingrid and everyone else have worked so hard. The page looks stellar and the class offering is a real treat. I’m honoured to be part of the WANA Tribe. Thank you, Kristen.

  27. Thanks for an excellent post and invitation to WANATribe.

    The sense of community or as you put it, “this glorious cross-pollination of imagination” is something that is really important for all artists. We cannot write or create in a vacuum. This was the best part of “Midnight in Paris” for me. They captured the mood of “A Moveable Feast”, more or less.

    Thanks again.

  28. Hooray!! Both sites are awesome! Thank you so much for created a platform for artists to connect and learn from one another. A-MA-ZING!! 😀

    Love the cartoon too! 🙂

  29. Man!! It feels like I’ve been away forever, but I’m thrilled to be back. Especially reading about WANA International (LOVE the peacock eye and W image!)
    I had promised myself 2 months ago that I would stay completley away from social media in order to finish my WIP. Staying away may have been silly (I checked emails every 2weeks instead of 3 or 4 times daily, didn’t read blogs, didn’t look at Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc at all for 60 days…GEEE-HOSE-A-FAT it nearly killed me!) but I needed to do something drastic. I was spending too much time networking and no time writing. And I have agents and editors who requested the work in my sights.
    And my fortitude paid off. I FINISHED my WIP (you might not remember, but it’s the demon story you read a small portion of months ago) and I happily typed THE END a few days ago.
    I’m thrilled and proud of myself, and now I’m happy to be back learning from the great KL and all WANA has to offer!
    Thank you for the links and thanks for your wisdom!

    1. Well, you have been missed, I can say that :D.

  30. I look forward to looking at every link posted. I’m vacationing with my husband on a lake in OK, assisting him with his book project, but as soon as I get back home, I’ll be devouring as much information as I can.

    I have a network of writers I connect with online, but I love the idea of connecting with other artists, as well. It won’t be the same digitally, but I am reminded of one of my favorite eras of my life. There was a time when Deep Ellum was an artist haven. I loved nothing more than writing in a cafe and meeting a performance artist or sipping coffee at Dave’s, listen to a local band while discussing craft and strange ideas with other writers. Or even just taking a walk through the streets with my two best friends at the time, discussing philosophy in the way only twenty-year-old artists can do. I wish I could reverse time and live those moments over again.

  31. AWE-some, Kristen and Ingrid. Truly. Thanks for all the thought and effort you have put into this. There are exciting times ahead!

  32. You’re doing an awesome with the whole WANA community, though I’m slightly worried I resemble the early Francis 🙂


    1. Thanks! LOL. My husband wanted us to put a helicopter on Francis’s desk :D.

      1. There’s nothing like a helicopter to pull the chicks!

    2. Hahahahaha! That’s hilarious!

  33. I am so excited!!!

  34. *uncovers mouth* Omigosh! I thought I was going to explode. I am GREAT at keeping secrets when things are dark and bad. But when the secret is a good thing — like a birthday or a surprise party or a new fabulous digital interface that is going to save us all, it’s hard for me to shut up about it… and this was a really good secret. 😉

    As a person has been on WANA for the last 6 weeks, it is so much fun and has such an easy interface, I hope you all take Kristen up on her invite and join up. I have absolutely no idea when Kristen sleeps or eats. (But I do know she hangs out in Chik-a-Filet during power outages.) I’ll have a post up about my involvement on Wednesday!

  35. Congratulations, Kristen. On keeping the secret, on the big reveal, and on putting an amazing concept into action. Wow. What an amazing collection of resources, friends, mentors, and information and I don’t know what else. Waaaay Coool!

  36. I’m all a-quiver. Seriously. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Seriously.

    • Tami Clayton on June 5, 2012 at 1:11 am
    • Reply

    Awesome and amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  37. Eh, just a question, because I’m a little confused.
    You’re calling this WANA international, but when signing up for a webinar it’s only for US based people? There’s is no option to select a country, but I do have to fill in a US state… which is rather difficult as I’m not in the US.
    So what’s up with that?
    Otherwise I think it’s a great idea and I’ve been browsing around the WANA tribe with interest.

  38. Great effort Kirsten. Keep it up. I don’t how you get so many ideas!!

    1. I surround myself with excellent and creative people :D. Thank you for commenting and for the compliment!

  39. Have joined WANATribe already. Looks fab and so many groups to choose from.

  40. This is all amazing, Kristen. Thank you so much!

  41. See, we told them they weren’t alone! 😉 Great concept Kristen and very much looking forward to being part of it – again. Rock on! 😉

  42. I may be late to the party, but I do adore the gift! I don’t WANA be alone anymore. Thank you, Kristen – you are a Jedi with a gift for herding cats!

  43. Thanks Kristen! I gotta say, presents in July – love it. And, I am happy to finally be a member of the Tribe.
    Thanks again!

    1. Welcome!

  44. This is all so exciting! I can’t wait to check out WANATribe.

  45. Well done, Kristen and Ingrid! I’m in and am sooo looking forward to getting to know all of Thee Tribe!

    I’m also over the moon to be teaching classes for u too!

    Cheers and congrats on a fabulous
    new adventure!!!

    • Lori Archibald on June 5, 2012 at 4:22 pm
    • Reply

    What a fantastic idea Kristen! I’m really proud of you!

    • Yvette Carol on June 5, 2012 at 5:42 pm
    • Reply

    Far out Kristen, you’re a force of nature girlfriend. Look out world!! I read this post with great excitement. Fantastic!!!!!
    Yvette Carol

  46. Wonderful, Kristen!! I appreciate the invite to be part of the WANATribe. Just signed up and will develop my page ASAP. Great class line-up. This truly is “Christmas in July”. Thanks!!

    • Brian Roffino on June 5, 2012 at 5:51 pm
    • Reply


    When I first met you at the DFW Writer’s Conference your exuberance was overwhelming. You were goofy, geeky, and wonderful, and this writer is just glad he got a chance to meet you. I’ve learned a lot from your class and posts, and I’m excited to be joining the community. Thanks for the time and effort you’ve invested in this. You are a linchpin that gathers other goofy, geeky writers around you.

    By the way, I’ve already made a few comments in WANA tribes.

    Brian Roffino

    1. Brian! It was so awesome getting to know you at the conference and you guys give me energy. It is just such a joy to help you guys learn and grow and reach your dreams. I’m thrilled you’re on WANATribe and this is new for all of us. I’m on a new journey, too.

    • patricefitz on June 5, 2012 at 8:10 pm
    • Reply

    How fabulous and how exciting! Thanks for all this… it is kind of amazing to see all of what you are offering. How to choose!

    As they say, do what you love and it won’t feel like work. It’s wonderful that you have put this together to help make the it possible for us to express all the art in our hearts.

  47. Are you sure I have to avoid that fourth one. bwahahahhahahahahha
    I have a feeling my writing would be a heck of alot more interesting.lol

      • Lanette Kauten on June 7, 2012 at 9:05 am
      • Reply

      The fourth one could be the basis for an interesting short story. Maybe write something along the lines of Woopie Goldberg’s one woman show, “Telephone”.

  48. Christmas in June! This is terrific … and so timely as I am about to introduce my own blog. First, though, I’m following your advice from the WANA book; preparing a dozen or more blogs before I post any of them publicly. Thanks for all of your wonderful leadership, encouragement, and instruction.

  49. Good blo, as usual. Enjoyed the subject on e-books and the digital world. This is all new to many of the writers and the more we learn, the easier it will become. Tried to join the tribe. Did well until I tried to get my picture. Then everything fell apart. Can’t tell is I’m on the tribe or not. My picture will be the peacock feather. Can I still add a picture? If so, how? Can you tell if my membership is locked in? Ah, technology. Love it.

    • Lisa Sorensen on June 7, 2012 at 11:58 am
    • Reply

    I’ve been enjoying your blog and your opinions, enthusiasm and confidence about the digital age. Thank you!.
    Could you please email me? I couldn’t find how to connect w/ you privately and need some help with my kindle version of WANA.
    ~ Lisa

    • Kasey mathews on June 7, 2012 at 9:49 pm
    • Reply

    I know I’m so ridiculously late to this party, but Wow! Already joined the Tribe, but now I’ve got the full scoop! Feel so blessed that you’re sharing your talent and mission! Thanks, Kristen! XO

  50. I’m so excited about this. Finally people who understand me!

  51. This is so awesome. I’ve been missing my tribe lately – having the ning page will make it so much easier than Twitter to keep in touch! <3

  52. Well done to you two. If anyone here is from Bracknell speak up as I was thinking about doing a ‘Creatives Evening’ one night a month and the WANA banner would be a great umbrella for it. I recently self published my own book from start to finish, including: writing it, designing it, artworking it, getting it printed and now promoting it so if there’s any aspect I can help anyone with just ask away. Hopefully I’ll be successful with it too! 🙂 Look forward to where this is all going.

  53. Hi Kristen,

    Yay! I’m back in the land of internet connection, and I’m so happy we’re finally live. 🙂 Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work!

  54. Well, I hate to admit my ineptness, but then again it is proof that I need to take one of your classes on technology. I have tried over and over to sign up for being in the WANATribe, and have repeatedly failed. I’ve tried switching those hard to read code words to type in, and haven’t succeded after about 100 attempts. I really want to join, and someday I hope to succeed.

    1. There shouldn’t be any hard to read code words. Is it making you solve a Captcha?

  55. Wow! I missed a lot of things. It’ll take time to catch up.

  56. WOW Kristen – just WOW! You, (Ingrid too), are perfect examples of how fun life can be when you have a dream, work toward it and then go on to uplift others by sharing the journey with them. I’m so excited for you and I’m enjoying watching you grow. I’m sure it was a lot of work, but I also suspect that it was a blast, as labors of love often are. You are always congratulating us on our successes, so allow me to take a moment to congratulate you on yours! *clinks glasses* (Oh crap, I just broke one – luckily it wasn’t mine – here’s to ya!) 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I appreciate that a lot. I do love my job because I get to help all of you shine and that makes for a wonderful work week for sure!

  57. Hi Kirsten,
    I have been following your blog for some time and just want to say, I am so happy to see this happening. As a writer, singing artist and musician, this is one of the very best things that has happened to me in the past three months, to know that I am not alone.
    Thank you.

    1. YAY! I hope you will start some tribes on WANATribe for other art forms. I know I draw, paint, and play clarinet. A lot of writers also are invovled in other art forms, so I hope WANATribe will help us connect in other ways than just writing.

  58. I feel like one of a multitude shouting out “THANK YOU!”, Kristen, but really… “Thank YOU!”.

    Oh, and please don’t hit me, but I LOVE Timeline. I even love helping people with it…

    1. I love Timeline now that I am used to it. It’s just that they change everything overnight. We just about learn it and they CHANGE it. I feel like I left the house and they rearranged all the furniture while I was out, LOL.

      1. Oh, They are definitely good at that… which reminds me of a chance meeting with a woman the other day at the mall who said her husband did something similar to her (though far worse from the way she described it) when she had to leave the country for family matters a month ago.

        Interesting world these days. Glad you have found some peace with TimeLine. Wait! Does that mean Facebook is going to change things again? 😉

  59. This is amazing, I can’t wait to take part.
    Thank you, Kirsten, for looking out for us and pulling together such a great community. 🙂

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