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You Know You're a Writer When…

The NSA, CIA and FBI no longer bothers with you. Likely, they know you by name and now outsource to the creepy ice cream truck to just make a few passes and check to make sure you’re still at your computer.

Insomnia, Wizard Vans, and Why Modern Women Read "50 Shades of Grey"

Yet, it didn’t stop me from wondering, why are these books so popular, especially with modern women? Why is there a virtual explosion in a genre that involves advanced skills in knot-tying and requires a leather-cleaning kit? What makes college-educated modern women who are taking the world by storm gravitate to wanting to be “enslaved”? Why isn’t there enough NyQuil to get me to SLEEP?

Writing, Babies, Breast Cancer—What it Means to Be a WANA

Susie Lindau is facing breast cancer and she is one of the funniest, most incredible people I’ve been honored to know. She is a true WANA. She’s using her battle as a message to let women facing this disease to know they are not alone. So please check out her blog The Boob Report. She’s having surgery today, and will be going through a radical double mastectomy. If you have a moment and use Twitter, please tweet her some WANA love and well-wishes at #SusieStrong.

The Real Problem with Abercrombie & Fitch—How Jeffries' Message Hurts Us ALL

No designer label could give them what they so desperately needed—love, meaning, and genuine connection. I was guilty. I’d bought into the marketing lie—that these kids with these clothes have everything. Now, being older and wiser, I am deeply saddened. What if I’d had the courage to cross the A&F line and realize that “cool guy” was hurting? Would he still be alive?

The Top 5 TSA-Friendly Zombie-Killing Weapons for the Apocalypse

Whenever I travel, I have a number of fears. 1) The ONE time I don’t leave my home clean enough to perform open heart surgery will, of course, be the trip where I die in a fiery crash. Thus, as a good luck talisman of sorts, I have this compulsive need to make sure every …

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