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Here's to a Life of Excellence–3 Tips for Writing Success

Yes, today’s nobodys could be tomorrow’s somebodys, but that really isn’t the point. Excellence doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is a collection of habits. Actions become habit. Habit becomes character and character becomes destiny.

Go Ahead, Throw Some Rocks

One of the common errors newer writers make is the great-looking character who is perfect in every way. While many of us strive to be that person, truthfully? Who likes them?

WarriorRevisions Revisited, by Jeff Posey

Comb editing: Think of a girl with long hair combing or brushing over and over until all the tangles are gone.

Are You a WRITER or an AUTHOR?

    Are you an author or a writer—or both? What’s the difference between a writer and an author? I blog it down to this: writers are people who write stories, authors are people who publish books.  Is an author a writer? Sure. But is a writer an  author? Maybe.  There probably hundreds of thousands …

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The “War” in WarriorWriter, by Jeff Posey

Three favorite WarriorWriter metaphors.