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My Life is a Junk Drawer

As you guys know, my Great Aunt Iris passed away on Sunday. Been a crazy week, to say the least. My Aunt Iris is probably the largest reason I not only became a writer, but a successful one. Even though this woman started life on a farm in Paris, TX when people traveled by horse, …

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Memorial Day–To Those Who Give the Ultimate Sacrifice

Memorial Day weekend is upon us (at least here in the United States). This weekend I will be grilling steaks and enjoying the company of loved ones. We might go hiking or spend time at the lake. This is a holiday that seems to just come with a sunburn. But I hope those of you …

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Bye to the Boo

I have avoided saying those words, because it means giving up, and I am really not one who has ever been good at throwing in the towel. But, it is almost three weeks since my dog, Boo, disappeared and there has been no sign of him since. It is as if he simply…vanished. Last year, …

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