Everybody was Kung-Fu Writing–A Round of Words in 80 Days

Everybody was Kung Fu Writing

Those geeks type fast as lighting

It was a little bit frightening

Adverbs with expert timing

Okay, I’ll stop.

Yes I was going to unplug completely and rest. I’m a workaholic and it helps that I love what I do. Today is the start of the Round of Words in 80 Days Challenge. Brilliant author and my friend Kait Nolan has come up with a new writing challenge that appreciates that most of us have a life. We have kids and dust bunnies and highly needy houseplants that aren’t going to go away because we have decided to write a novel in one month.

So today’s blog post is to rally you guys to join me for the ROW80 challenge. Show your WIP who’s in charge and kick some goal booty. We mean business. Whether you are writing a novel or a NF or hate mail to the guy who lets his dog poop on your lawn you have a place at ROW 80.

Happy 4th of July!!!! Everyone be safe and will see you tomorrow for Twitter Tuesday.


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  1. I need to give myself daily goals instead of end results- thanks for the post.

  2. I’m going for a full paragraph in 80 days.

    That would be more than I did in many stretches of 80 days that have gone before…

    Baby steps!

    (Also known, in Japan, as the Kaizen method.)

  3. Thanks for mentioning the ROW80 challenge. I needed a fire under my tuchas! Perhaps now that my goals are out there for others to see, I will be more inclined to adhere to them.

    Hope you had a great holiday, Kristen..

  4. If I have eighty days worth of writing left on my work-in-progress, then I should just shoot myself now. I’m hoping to knock out the first draft in a month, no more than two.

    • Tamara LeBlanc on July 5, 2011 at 1:19 am
    • Reply

    I just got home from RWA nationals in NY. I learned a lot, met some great writers, pitched my butt off, ate wayyyyyy too much, and wore killer heels nearly 24 hours straight every day. That being said, I also got the inspiration I needed to finish my WIP in 2 weeks.
    I’m very excited to get this ball rolling, so thanks for the Kung Fu kick in the pants!!!
    I also look forward to checking out the ROW80 challenge!!
    Have a fabulous fourth:)

  5. I’m in for Round 3 as well! This time for me, it’s less about writing and more about editing and querying. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in your next plot idea and forget to bust your rear-end selling what you’ve already written!

    Thanks for the boost! And thanks to Kait Nolan, Tiffany White, and other fabulous sponsors!

  6. Lol. I can hear the song in my head. I think I’m going to have to sing that when I need to get motivated.

  7. I love Bruce! “Be the water, my friend.” Sigh. He was my first love. Ummm…what were we talking about again? LOL

    I’ve been battling the Resistance beast lately. Perhaps this is just what I need to light my own fire. Do I dare? 😀

  8. Have to say I loooove the new lyrics you wrote. Made me laugh.

    I’m joining you in the ROW80 challenge. Monday’s post was my ROW80 goal and for today’s post (because its 8:00am my time in Europe) which I will post later on “Writing Uni-Verse-City Wednesday” is on your book.

  9. I’m joining back in for this round of ROW80…I was working on the last round, but Real Life interfered in a major way and I trailed off with about 30 days to go. I’m determined to get 1K a day if absolutely NOTHING else!

  10. Definitely going to be Kung Fu Writing over at More Cowbell! I already signed up – now I have to POST MY GOALS PUBLICLY. That’s the part that gives you the rub, huh? She’s tough, that Kait…

  11. Kristin, those new lyrics are hysterical! The tune is catchy. It will be playing in my head the rest of the day. Good luck to all participating in the ROW80.

  12. I’m so glad you’ve joined us in this round of Row 80! Good luck with your goals (I know you’ll do great – you’re Super Woman!)

  13. I just purchased both of your books have read one so far. I’m going to do the ROW80. Have to write 90,000 words for the first draft of my novel. 1125 words per day, but I would like to do more because I would really like to have this book on Kindle by Christmas. That may be a bit too ambitous.

  14. Ok. So, if I’m doing Camp NaNo, can I use my word count over there to ROW80?

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