From Dream to Digital: E-Book Formatting 101

Class Title: From Dream to Digital: E-Book Formatting 101

Instructor: Maria Grace

Price: General Admission $99.00 USD/ ONLY $75 FOR THOSE WHO REGISTER BY SEPTEMBER 9th!!!!

Where: Bad Lamb Academy Portal (Big Blue Button)

When: F-F-FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th  7:00-10:00 p.m. EST (NYC TIME)

THREE HOURS of FUN for even the most hard core technophobe! PROMISE!

Take control of your publishing future!

Class Description:

The key to making a living as a working writer is having more titles available for sale. How many short stories, novellas, blogs or even novels do you have ready to go but you just don’t have the money to hire a formatter?

Even if we have NO INTENTION of formatting our own books, the industry is rife with scam artists who overcharge or do a poor job. They get away with grifting because they target uneducated writers willing to toss money their way.

This class is ideal for those who might want to format some of their own work as well as for those who want to run their writing business responsibly. If you know the terminology and the process, you will know who to hire and if what they’re offering is really what they’re quoting.

Bad Lamb Academy brings you the best instruction that is ALWAYS fun and best of all? Easy to understand for even the most tech-terrified. Come learn how it feels to be EMPOWERED!

In this class you’ll:

  • Learn the nature of an ebook file.
  • Learn the formatting mistakes that cause problems for ebooks.
  • Learn how to properly set up a word file for ebook translation including headings, images, hyperlinks and tables of contents.
  • Learn to set up a personalized template to create a translation ready ebook file.
  • See a demonstration of Draft to Digital and Kindle create ebook translation.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot common ebook problems.
  • Become familiar with Sigil, a free epub creation program.
  • Get exclusive discounted offers for one-on-one consulting/training.



Remember that a FREE RECORDING of the class is included in the purchase price.

About the Instructor:

Maria Grace is the author of 23 books. She has a PhD in Educational Psychology and is a 16-year veteran of the university classroom where she taught courses in human growth and development, learning, test development and counseling. None of which have anything to do with her undergraduate studies in economics/sociology/managerial studies/behavior sciences.


She has one husband, earned two graduate degrees and two black belts, raised three sons, danced English Country dance for four years, is aunt to five nieces, is designing a sixth Regency-era costume, blogged seven years on Random Bits of Fascination, has outlines for eight novels waiting to be written, attended nine English country dance balls, and shared her life with ten cats.