ON DEMAND: Beyond Bulletproof Barbie: Strong Female Characters for a Modern World

Class: Beyond Bulletproof Barbie

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Female characters have evolved from ‘damsel in distress’ to the ‘hardcore badass.’ Problem is, fictional females escaped one boring mold only to end up in another even MORE boring mold.

But with lipgloss AND karate!

Strong female characters fascinate audiences on the page and on the screen. From Atomic Blonde to Wonder Woman, Special Agent Scully to Dr. Laura Isles, women can exude power and danger in a variety of ways.

Sadly, the badass female has devolved into a tired trope with the depth of a puddle.

This class is to challenge the concept of the dangerous woman as protagonist and antagonist. Creating a powerful woman involves more than handing her weapons, a black belt, and a terminal case of RBF (Resting B$#@% Face).

    • Expanding ‘who’ the dangerous woman IS;
    • Still waters run DEEP;
    • Broadening backstory;
    • Motives matter;
    • The ‘Tomb Raider’ effect;
    • Combat, weapons, tactics;
    • Expanding her ‘arsenal’;
    • Generating authentic dramatic action/tension;
    • Making the dangerous dame ‘likable’;
    • AND MORE…

As an author, competitive shooter, and former combatives instructor, there are few characters I LOVE more than a kickass female action hero. Conversely, fewer things vex me more than the tired cookie-cutter female action hero trope. Women can be powerful in a myriad of ways, beyond hand-to-hand combat and shooting everyone in the FACE.

This said, while we’ll explore a wide variety of powerful women, if you long to write that female action hero, this class will (hopefully) make sure you do her justice.

About the Instructor

I’m an author, blogger, creator, and unrepentant troublemaker (though always the fun kind of trouble). I’ve dedicated most of my life to unearthing the most lucrative form of writing—which, thus far, is apparently ransom notes and highly illegal.

Huge bummer, there.

For those writers not yet willing to commit to a life of kidnapping and grand larceny, I can at least teach you how to write about people who DO. And maybe add in dragons or spaceships or dragons with spaceships. #Groovy

When I’m not crafting stories of my own, I’m passionate about educating and empowering authors of the digital age…namely because it’s hard to write best-selling books when you’re crying and day-drinking.