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How to Use Twitter to Connect with Fans & Build a POWERFUL Brand

Last post was some tongue-and-cheek fun pointing out how brands (particularly author brands) abuse Twitter. Today, I want to shift gears and chat some about how writers—actually ALL brands—can use Twitter far more effectively. Currently, too many writers are like Stormtroopers—lots of shots fired  tweets that hit NOTHING. Admittedly, when I got on Twitter (practically when it was invented) …

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Entropy is REAL and Author Careers Need Feeding DAILY

We can feed our kids once a week and they remain alive. Probably a super bad idea. We don’t have to play with our kids or even talk to our spouse. Yet, how healthy will kids, pets, family and marriages be if we only do the bare minimum to sustain life? Our brand is the same. Our author CAREER is the same.