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Change—Resistance is Futile

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My audience is creative people, fans of Dr. Who, Star Wars and Firefly. People who love vampires and love stories and Renaissance fairs. I wanted a cover that was creative, one that might even look like a novel had been misplaced among the “Target Your Audience and Blow Them Away” marketing books. Hey, I’m a misfit. My book should reflect that, right?

Frankenfriends & Zombie Tweets–Writers, Social Media and the Undead

I get it. I understand you guys. I’m a writer first. Sometimes we have to stay up all night and we do seem to grow fangs, normally around the 65th time a family member has interrupted us, since we aren’t really working. I feel your pain. But we have to be really careful that we aren’t bringing undead habits into social media. No one likes to hang out with the undead. Frankenstein? Zero friends. Zombies? Again, zero friends. Vampires? A few friends, but all with serious trust issues.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Social Media Can Make Us Crazy–Part 1

Social media is bright, fun, shiny, and it can also feel like the Chuck E. Cheese from Hell.  As writers of the Digital Age we have a much higher chance at success than any writer in history, but we also have more work than any writer in history. And, to make matters worse, spouses, bills, …

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Hash Tags—The Trouble with Twitter Tribbles

  Normally, I only talk about social media on Wednesdays, but today we are going to talk about something vitally important for anyone using Twitter to build a platform. Hash tags. Hash tags are wonderful. They can connect us to people all over the globe that we could never meet any other way. Hash tags …

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