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5 Ways to Stay Safe on Social Media

Welcome to WANA Wednesday, the day I dedicate to giving you guys tools and tips to make your social media experience more enjoyable, efficient and productive…and now SAFE. Most of these blogs are based off my book, We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media. Today we are going to discuss a very important …

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Manners Count–3 Rules of Social Media Success

Welcome to another WANA Wednesday, the day I dedicate to making your social media experience the best it can be by offering additional tools and insights on topics from my new book We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media. One of the biggest reasons I decided to write a book about social media …

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WANA Wednesday–Social Media & 3 More Ways to Enjoy the Ride

As publishing changes, writers too are being forced to evolve or go extinct. It’s nothing personal. Just reality. Arguing with it is about as pointless as arguing with a Category 5 hurricane that is about to make landfall. Writers are deluged with two words, platform and brand until they just plain want to bang their heads against the wall.

WANA Wednesday—It’s a Pen Name, Not Witness Protection

Am I against pen names? NO! But I do advise that you take a moment and ask some important questions first. If I the magic genie could wave a wand and GUARANTEE that in three years you would be an international success, would you still want the pen name?

Are You Sending the Right Message? 3 Bad Habits that Can KILL Your Social Media Marketing

By continual personal and positive interaction, an author can influence groups of people to extend her marketing influence. How? She has recruited her fans and followers to be part of her team. Book sales and promotion have now become a collective endeavor.