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Being the Best—What it Takes to Be a Rainmaker

The rainmaker is the person who gets $#!@ done no matter what. Call him a 1%er, call her a cleaner a cooler a closer. Call this person whatever you will, but I dig rainmaker. This is the person many of us want to be, because the rainmaker is the stuff of legends.

Writer Victory!—Identify Problem Areas

Writers who want to succeed welcome the fire. In the beginning, I didn’t welcome the fire. I avoided, defected, blamed and whined…and didn’t have anything but a pile of flimsy excuses and half-finished projects to show for all my exertions.

The Democratization of Publishing—Independence is Scary

Here in America, we will be celebrating Independence Day. Americans believed they could create something different, something better. Meanwhile England was all like, “A government of the people, by the people and for the people? Are you HIGH? We protect you from wild Indians and send you supplies. We keep order.” Writers are now facing the same shift.

The Secret to Success? Learn from the Crabs in the Bucket

We are who we hang around. If we hang around flaky amateurs who don’t keep their word and never finish anything? People who change their minds every other day what they want to do with their lives? People who believe in luck not hard work? We’re letting them drag us back in the bucket.

Self-Discipline. Ok. What Now? Can We Buy Some on E-Bay?

How many writers keep shopping the same manuscript that’s been rejected time and time again? They refuse to dig in and do the tough revisions or move on to a new book and in the end it kills their success. The first book is often a learning curve. Use it. Learn from it. Fail forward.