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Field Guide to the North American Beta Reader

beta reader

We’re all hunters here, searching for the elusive, nearly mythical creature known only as the Good Beta Reader. The feeling of finding a good beta reader is a lot like what Japanese marine researchers felt when they caught the first image of the giant squid in 2013. Read about it here because it’s just so …

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Do You Have a Psychic Vampire Critique Partner?

Too many writers get into this business for the wrong reasons. They really aren’t interested in the life of a professional and just enjoy “playing author.” Writing is for attention and ego-stroking. Their goals are about THEM and this means anyone on board with them will go the wrong direction.

The Secret to Success? Learn from the Crabs in the Bucket

We are who we hang around. If we hang around flaky amateurs who don’t keep their word and never finish anything? People who change their minds every other day what they want to do with their lives? People who believe in luck not hard work? We’re letting them drag us back in the bucket.

Do You Have a Psychic Vampire Critique Partner?

Psychic Vampires abound in the arts, and they are also prevalent in many writing groups. They are wolves dressed in writer clothing. Often they are so self-absorbed they can’t even see the reality of what they are. This is why confronting PVs is almost always fruitless and will simply lead to conflict that only further feeds them at our expense. Our best option is to be able to spot them, then ignore them or RUN.

Enemies of the Art Part 10–Having a Thin Skin

Being a writer is great fun. We are storytellers and we love entertaining people. The new paradigm is AWESOME. Suddenly, if you want to publish your work, you can. We no longer have to go the traditional route and self-publishing is certainly an option. Yet, we MUST be careful. Our product should be AS GOOD …

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