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The Single Largest Secret to Success

All of us start out writing for different reasons. Perhaps we have dreams of seeing New York Times Best Seller or USA Today Best Seller in front of our names. Perhaps we long to be a household name like Stephen King or even a legend like J.K Rowling. Some of you might want to see Winner of the Pulitzer Prize …

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Emotional Toughness—How Haters & Hurt Feelings Can Be GOOD for Us

The hard truth is we don’t grow without being uncomfortable. We don’t get tough without friction. And I wonder if this being comfortable has permeated too much of our lives, down to our “feelings.”

Going Pro—Learning from a Master & Win a Chance to Be James Patterson's Next Co-Author

Anyway, like me, James Patterson also has a passion for helping writers get that big break. He’d been teaching the class for a while and was so impressed with the quality of student work, that he wanted to use the class to recruit a new co-author.

Sending in the Flying Monkeys—Get Your @$$ to Work!

So many people say the same thing. “If I could only find the time…” Thing is, time isn’t lying around in the couch cushions hanging out with loose change, the TV remotes and stale Cherrios. It isn’t like time is hiding. Time is everywhere. And THAT folks is the problem.