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The Novel That Isn’t a Novel—Do You Really Have a Story?

We have been doing a lot of talking about structure lately because if we as writers don’t grasp structure? We can never deliver story. Sometimes to see what a novel IS, it helps to look at what the novel is NOT. Thus today I am going to pick on the most common “novels” I see …

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The Single Largest Problem of Most First Time Novels

All righty. So we have spent a couple of posts talking about getting our head right when it comes to doing this writing thing. Once we get our heads in the game, then the practical How To advice gets a heck of a lot more mileage. Today we are going to talk about the writing …

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How to Write Endings that "Wow!"

The end is what your readers will take with them from your book. It’s your closing argument and the last thing they read. It’s what they will remember when they think back to your story in a couple of years, if they remember anything at all.

The Dreaded Synopsis—How to Get Started & Why We Need One BEFORE Writing the Book

Too many authors are reworking those first chapters, polishing the prose, adding description when all along the problem is there is no clear story goal or the stakes are too low or the timeline is not there or too loose.

Description—The Good the Bad and the Just Please STOP

Can we be really honest about our description? Is it really remarkable or simply filling space? Are we weaving a spell that captures readers or are we boring them into a coma?