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Writing, The Glamorous Life & Finding Balance in the Madness of Branding

Persistence is a wonderful trait. Persistence is noble. But persistence can look a lot like stupid.

Marketing, Social Media & Book Signings—Why NONE of These Directly Impact Book Sales

Also, if social media is so grossly ineffective, what explanation do we have for the MASSIVE power shift from BIG NYC publishing to indie and self-published authors now 1) making a reasonable second income 2) making a decent enough living to finally write full-time 3) nontraditional authors taking up an increasing portion of major bestseller lists like the New York Times and USA Today and 4) the major inflation of fiction writers now making six and seven figures?

Be a Peep NOT a Pain–How to Use Twitter Effectively

Yes, we know you have a book to sell…really. Using Twitter as a free and easy way to spam people is annoying and grossly ineffective. It is also traditional marketing, which doesn’t sell books.