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The First Step to a Quality Book–A Doubleday Editor Turned Author Speaks

Since quality is in the eye of the beholder, the first step toward achieving a quality product is understanding what the customer wants. After all, our delight or disappointment in a book is largely a matter of expectations. While as the writer you can manage those expectations, you are making a big mistake if you think you can dictate them.


And independent authors aren’t any safer than their traditional counterparts. Every time a book is published, in print or in digital format, there is a contract. Some indie websites and printers refer to their contracts as “terms of service,” but terms of service are legally binding contracts too.

LinkedIn—Making The Most of Your Six Seconds

Happy Friday! Today Jenny Hansen is going to talk to you a little bit about LinkedIn…hey, she gave me cookies. Who can say no to COOKIES? You might be wondering why to bother with a LinkedIn profile, even if you aren’t a NF author (for NF authors, LinkedIn is a must). For one reason, a …

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A Party in Your PJs–PAJAMACON The Ultimate Writer Fantasy

All right, Valentines Day is tomorrow. The perfect gift for the writer in your life? WANACon. Perfect gift for yourself, for the LOVE of your writing? WANACon. Last week, I detailed all the wonders of this revolutionary new conference. It’s from home. No travel. No heap of extra expenses like air fare, baggage fees, taxi …

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Enemies of the Art Part 7–Failure to Focus

There is one failing that will undermine all our efforts, the inability to focus. Years ago, I was on the debate team. I loved debate and spent hours researching, building cases, writing cases, and learning all I could to be prepared. Most of my nights were spent researching thick dusty law books in the downtown …

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