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Structure Part 2–Plot Problems–Falcor the Luck Dragon & the Purple Tornado

Okay, since I get to drive to San Antonio today, I figured we’d just plow ahead and take on Lesson Two in my structure series. I strongly recommend checking out Monday’s lesson if you haven’t yet. Each of these blogs will build upon the previous lesson. By the end of this series, I hope you …

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Spice Up Your Fiction–Simple Ways to Create Page-Turning Conflict

 Actual photo of me trapped in an elevator with a 2 year old with an injured hand. THAT is conflict. One of the hardest concepts for new writers to understand is the antagonist. I have even gone through great lengths to teach about the antagonist and his/her many faces. We have what I call the …

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Three Ways to Spark Literary Magic–Voice Part 2

Last week, we started talking about voice. Voice is the essence of our writing, and having a strong, original voice can be the ticket to literary legend. I believe most of us are born with a storytelling voice. All humans are storytellers, and, in fact, humans passed on information, history, and stories orally for thousands …

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