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How to Create Dimensional Characters—Beyond the Wound & Into the Blind Spot

Today, we’re going to explore an extension of the WOUND. The BLIND SPOT. There are no perfect personalities. All great character traits possess a blind spot. The loyal person is a wonderful friend, but can be naive and taken advantage of. The take-charge Alpha leader can make a team successful, but also inadvertently tromp over …

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Brave New Publishing & Attack of the Feral Plot Bunnies

One thing that will never change (aside from a world-ending asteroid strike) is humans LOVE a good story. One of the reasons I worked so hard to put together a simple plan for author branding is the writing needs to be paramount. Most writers, no matter which path they choose, do not see success on the first book. A standard tipping point is book THREE.

How Boxing Can Make Us Better Writers–Lesson 3 STICK & MOVE

Knowledge is power, especially these days when everything is shifting at the speed of light. The trend today can be gone tomorrow, thus we need to pay attention. Make friends. Read blogs. Be humble. We can learn from anyone. Be a good listener and never think you are too big to listen to “little people.” Sometimes it’s the outsider, the novice, who holds the most insight.

5 Common Mistakes that Will KILL Your Novel

Even literary fiction involves some outside force that is causing the contemplation, depression, rebellion, etc. Whether it is the decline of the aristocracy and rise of the middle class (Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time”) or implosion of society and humans turned cannibals in Cormac McCarthy’s Pultizer-winning The Road, we always have an outside pressure and an antagonist to drive the story momentum.

Dare to Be Uniquely You–Final Thoughts About Voice

The Maiden of Whoville Happy Friday! I hope you guys really enjoyed learning more about writing voice from the master, Les Edgerton. Right now, I am packing and making ready to fly to Tuscon, Arizona to teach, so today, I’ll be brief and just offer some final observations about voice. We Must Write for the …

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