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Three Steps to Fan Page Awesomeness

If you are planning on being published, you must have a fan page. Sorry. Whether we like it or not marketing is part of the job description. I know most of us would rather have brain surgery with a KFC spork than have to self-promote, but that’s the cold hard truth. Anyone tell you different and they are lying or selling something.

WANA Wednesday–Baby Steps to Big Success

This lesson is foundational for social media success. When you buy my book, you will quickly see that I focus far more heavily in what and how you post than I do on the technology. Why? Because social media changes so quickly it will give your brain whiplash. You will never keep up unless you want a career in social media. Even then…trust me. You will never keep up. So don’t try to.

Blogging–Just Part of the New Job Description

So let’s be clear. No we do not have to blog, but we will be competing against authors who do. Is it possible to become a success without a platform and a blog following? Sure. It is also possible to win a million dollars playing scratch-offs, but I wouldn’t say that purchasing tickets counts as wise financial planning.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Writer

I created We Are Not Alone to make learning about social media marketing fun. Sort of like when you get a traffic ticket and have to take Defensive Driving…why not take Comedy Defensive Driving? My goal is to change your habits, not your personality. I assume most of you aren’t doing this writing thing until your dream of working in sales pays off. No? No one? Cool!

Are You Sending the Right Message? 3 Bad Habits that Can KILL Your Social Media Marketing

By continual personal and positive interaction, an author can influence groups of people to extend her marketing influence. How? She has recruited her fans and followers to be part of her team. Book sales and promotion have now become a collective endeavor.