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Myth-Busting–Yes, Writers Can Make Time for Social Media

Made it home from the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention on Monday night. What an amazing time, and we will talk more about the conference later. I traveled to L.A. to participate on the social media panel. One thing I kept hearing over and over was how writers complain they simply do not have tiiiiiiiiime to …

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3 Lessons of Confession–Lead a Happier & More Productive Life

This blog is dedicated to helping writers holistically. We are more than robots sitting at a desk pounding out word count. We have hopes, dreams, fears, bad habits and baggage. Monday is dedicated to helping you guys with craft. Wednesdays is to help you build your platforms. Fridays are my choice, but I like to …

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Opportunity Comes in Overalls

  Many writers panic when they are told they not only need to write, but to create a social media platform as well. Hey, I feel your pain. In fairness, we don’t HAVE to do anything but write the book. But, we do need to ask ourselves if we are doing everything in our power …

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Being More Productive–Taking on the Procrastination Pixies by…Eating Frogs?

  One of the challenges of being a professional author is that there are so many cool activities that look a lot like “work,” and actually they are a Procrastination Pixie in disguise. There is so much busy-work that can just eat up huge chunks of time, leaving us little meaningful progress to show for all …

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