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Confessions of a Guru—What Makes a Real Leader?

It takes no great effort or test of character for us to criticize others. But to take an honest look inside, acknowledge our shortcomings and then be humble enough to learn and change? Why THAT is progress

Blogging–The Writer's 21st Century Quilting Bee

  Today is WANA Wednesday, the day I dedicate to demystifying the social media experience by expounding upon techniques and principles from my new book We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media. A few weeks ago, I posted a somewhat controversial blog about…blogging. In my opinion, blogging is just part of the new …

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What Makes a Great Writer?

I have run critique groups and novel workshops for years and the single greatest indicator I have seen as to whether a writer will succeed or fail is how much he reads and what he reads. I can even look at a writing sample and, very often, tell you if this person is an avid reader or not. My single greatest frustration with many wanna-be writers is that they make a zillion excuses for why they do not read.

Stress–The Creativity Killer

Like great violinists take great care to protect their hands, we writers would be wise to do the same with our emotions and our minds. So when the stress levels get too high and you start seeing it seeping into your writing it is wise to find a way to release stress so you can get the keys back to your higher thinking centers.

Writer Therapy–Mowing the Yard and Crying

Yep, that writer across the street is in therapy again. Her yard looks unbelievable!